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0-150V 16A DC SUPPLY

DC Programmable Power Supply is a variable DC power supply ranging from 0-150VDC and capable of supplying load of up to 16A. Suitable for Laboratory, Field and R&D uses, the GEN2.4KW offers state of the art design and RS232 and RS485 programming

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0-150V 16A
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18kg 63L 53W 15H
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Experience unmatched precision with the 0-150V 16A DC supply available for Hire at Brandis Hire. Engineered by TDK-Lambda, a leader in power supply solutions, this unit delivers variable voltage for various professional needs​​. Its high-power density makes it perfect for space-conscious environments, and the built-in safety features and last-setting memory ensure reliability and ease of use​​. Whether for automotive, aerospace or energy sectors, this power supply guarantees exceptional performance with its robust design and versatile interfacing options​. Trust Brandis Hire to power your projects with expert precision.

Key Features

  • Highest power density (2400W) available in 1U size.
  • Output voltage up to 150VDC, Output current up to 16A.
  • Built-in RS323/RS485 Interface (optional GPIB)
  • Miniaturisation with heat dissipation design.
  • The front panel will intake the air and release it through the back — making stacking easy.
  • Built-in 16-bit high-resolution A/D & D/A converter.
  • Last Setting Memory — the previous setting will be saved after the power is OFF and is maintained when turned on.
  • Parallel operation with active current sharing


  • Laboratory research and development — The 0-150V 16A DC supply is ideal for powering laboratory experiments. It provides researchers with a reliable source of variable voltage and current, complete with memory retention for consistent testing parameters.
  • Field-testing equipment — With its robust design and ease of transportation, this power supply meets the demands of field engineers who require dependable power in various outdoor or remote locations.
  • Automotive testing — Automotive engineers can utilise precise control and high-power density for testing vehicle components, ensuring quality and performance in manufacturing and development.
  • Aerospace applications — The power supply’s advanced features and ability to operate in constant-current, constant-voltage or constant-power modes make it suitable for the stringent testing requirements of aerospace components.

Hire the 0-150V 16A DC supply today

Streamline your project today with the 0-150V 16A DC supply. Submit a booking request or contact us for expert advice. Power your progress with Brandis Hire — the leader in technical equipment hire in Australia.


Why choose the 0-150V 16A DC supply?

Opting for the 0-150V 16A DC supply ensures you’re equipped with a highly efficient and versatile tool for whatever application. It’s an ideal choice for professionals who need a power supply that combines a compact form factor with high output and precision. 

With built-in safety features, last-setting memory and advanced interface options, it offers reliability and user-friendly operation. Additionally, the power supply is suitable for a wide range of industries, which makes it a flexible choice for different technical requirements.

What other power supplies do you offer for hire?

Brandis Hire carries an expansive range of power supplies from top manufacturers. Each of these supplies comes with its own set of features, safety mechanisms and interfacing capabilities, catering to a wide array of technical needs. Our selection includes:

  • 0-150V 22A DC Supply — This advanced digital variable DC power supply offers extended features and parallel operation capability, suitable for high-demand applications with its high power density of 3300W in a 2U size.
  • 3-Phase 63A Green Dot Variac — Designed for handling high currents, this variac provides a variable AC voltage for testing three-phase equipment, with a nature of cooling that’s oil-natural.
  • PWR12001MH 0-240V DC Power Supply — Part of the Kikusui PWR-01 series, this is a programmable bench DC power supply that is compact and versatile, featuring LAN, USB and RS232C interfaces, along with a range of safety and convenience functions like soft start/stop and variable internal resistance.

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0-150V 16A DC SUPPLY