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The Fluke Corporation is a renowned manufacturer in Australia and across the world. Fluke’s products include a vast range of test and measurement instruments for analysing, assessing and configuring a wealth of different electrical, data, mechanical and process control systems.

Here at Brandis Hire, we offer a large range of Fluke products for hire, helping our customers find the equipment they need for their next project. Read on to discover the Fluke products in our range, or reach out to our team today to get started. With a large range of Fluke products in our roster, and competitive daily hire pricing, we can help as you plan your next job or project.



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Why do customers choose Fluke Corporation products?

The Fluke Corporation provides professionals in Australia and beyond with the instruments and accessories they need to complete their testing jobs. But what can users expect specifically from these Fluke products? Here’s why Australian customers choose Fluke again and again.


Fluke’s range of products is designed to offer the utmost in reliability. Work teams and laboratory technicians can deploy these items again and again across a variety of different locations – from remote sites to on-premises applications – without experiencing any breakdowns or variation in results.


The Fluke Corporation’s range of products is highly precise and accurate, giving users the confidence they need as they complete a variety of different tasks and jobs for their clients.


Fluke provides instruments for professional and industrial applications. These instruments need to be highly precise, but they also need to be sturdy enough to stand the test of time. The strength and durability of Fluke’s products ensure this is always the case.

Ease of use

Fluke products are designed to be user-friendly, and very easy for new and experienced users to operate, wherever they are needed. Fluke strikes the balance between highly accurate results and supreme accessibility for users — achieving both without compromise.

What Fluke Corporation products do we offer?

You’ll find out a range of Fluke items right here on our Fluke products listing pages. We offer electrical test equipment, data and communications meters, oscilloscopes, vibration testers, calibration equipment and much more. Each of these products is designed to help customers achieve reliable readings and measurements in particular applications.

Take a look at our listings to explore our Fluke range and check out individual product info. Check back here on a regular basis, and keep an eye on our socials and news feeds as we keep adding new Fluke products to our range.

Here is a taster of what you can find in our range.

  • Digital multimeters
  • Clamp metres
  • Infrared thermometers
  • Power quality analysers
  • Process calibration tools
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Vibration Testers
  • Temperature Calibration Tools
  • And a variety of other Fluke products – we add new Fluke products, and products from other providers, to our growing range on a regular basis

Make your selection and hire your Fluke item today, or reach out to our team to discover more about what we can do for you.

Hire Fluke Corporation electronics

Here at Brandis Hire, we want to provide our customers with two things – capability and flexibility. This is why we offer a range of Fluke-branded testers, calibrators and accessories, all of which are rated as some of the leading products and components in the industry.

To support this, we offer flexible and agile hiring options. For short-term projects, you can hire these products on a day-by-day basis.

Discounted rates may be available for longer-term hires. Reach out to our team today and let us know what you need. We are here to provide you with the equipment you require for your next project, and to answer any questions you might have.

About Fluke

The Fluke Corporation has become one of the world leaders in the electronic testing, measurement, assessment and monitoring market. The manufacturer has achieved this position thanks to a diverse collection of products, and a commitment to incredible quality across the full range.

The Fluke Group brings together Fluke Calibration, Fluke Biomedical, Fluke Process Instruments and Fluke Networks, among others. Across this family of companies, Fluke seeks to deliver specialised components and products to their customers, supporting these in highly technical applications and industries.

We are very proud to be able to offer Fluke products to our customers. Our client base has responded very well to our range of products from this manufacturer, and we plan to keep on providing new Fluke products to Australian clients in the future.

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