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Brandis Hire is your comprehensive provider for all things Megger in Australia. This leading industry brand, known for its robust, reliable and accurate testing instruments, becomes effortlessly accessible with our service. Our vast inventory ranging from electrical test equipment to specialised adaptors are available for short-term hire or longer, adapting to your requirements. 

Embrace a seamless, enjoyable rental experience as we pair you with the suitable Megger tester to suit your needs. Choose Brandis Hire, where world-class Megger equipment and superior service converge.



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Why choose Megger testers in Australia?

Choosing Megger testers in Australia is more than a rental transaction with Brandis Hire — it’s a partnership where we strive to help accomplish your tasks effectively. Here are some of the reasons customers love Megger in Australia:

Global presence

Megger has an established international reputation for their superb testing solutions. When you opt for a Megger tester in Australia, you choose a product recognised and trusted worldwide for its precision, performance and dependability.

Over a century of experience

With over 100 years in the electrical testing industry, Megger has honed its craft to deliver exceptional equipment that stands the test of time. Each of Megger’s products is built on this legacy of innovation, quality and unrivalled expertise.

Variety and versatility

Megger offers an impressive range of products catering to diverse testing needs. Whether for routine electrical testing, substation testing or calibration, there’s a Megger tester engineered for the task. Our inventory at Brandis Hire demonstrates this versatility, ensuring we have the right tool for your specific need.

Ease of use

Megger’s instruments are all designed with the user in mind. Each one boasts intuitive features and user-friendly interfaces that make operation a breeze, even for complex measurements. This user-centric design significantly reduces training requirements and boosts productivity.

Durability and longevity

This manufacturer never compromises when it comes to durability. Each Megger tester in Australia can withstand harsh testing environments, ensuring long-term performance and reliability. When you rent from Brandis Hire, the leading rental distributor of Megger in Australia, you’re getting equipment built to last.

Unrivalled technical support

With a Megger tester, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re choosing a comprehensive support system. Megger and Brandis Hire, together, ensure that expert assistance and advice are always within reach, making your testing process smooth and efficient.

Explore our catalogue of Megger testers in Australia

Experience unmatched precision with our vast collection of Megger testers in Australia. We offer you a plethora of high-quality, reliable Megger products that elevate your testing experiences. Let’s discover some of the standout items in our catalogue:

Megger EZ Thump

The EZ-Thump V2 (Version 2) represents a groundbreaking fault location system that sets new benchmarks in compactness and lightweight design. Tailored for fault identification in both low voltage and medium voltage cables, this exceptional device offers remarkable performance and versatility. With its user-friendly features and advanced technology, the EZ-Thump V2 stands as the ultimate solution for efficient and accurate fault location. Experience unmatched convenience with its easily replaceable internal 24V battery and seamless operation through the innovative internal battery charger. Embrace a new era of fault location with the EZ-Thump V2, the epitome of excellence in the field.

Megger MFM10 Seba

The MFM 10-1 is a cutting-edge cable sheath testing device that combines intuitive menu-driven operation with an automatic measurement and evaluation system. With its user-friendly interface, this instrument simplifies the process of testing cable sheaths and pinpointing sheath faults. Data entry is made easy using the proven Megger rotary encoder principle and supported by a touch screen.

Megger MOM2

Enhance your testing with the robust Megger MOM2, designed to measure resistance of high-current links with unrivalled precision. Powered by an ultra-capacitor for high output current, it offers DualGround™ testing for efficient workflow. Rugged yet lightweight, it’s perfect for fieldwork, storing up to 104 test values and facilitating Bluetooth data transfer.

Megger Cable Identifier

Safely identify de-energised primary cables with the Megger Cable Identifier. This instrument can also identify live secondary cables up to 240 V AC, ensuring absolute safety without false positives. Operating on 120 V AC or via its internal battery, this handy tester offers user-friendly operation and guarantees accurate identification every time.

Brandis Hire — Australia’s premier Megger rental solutions provider

Experience the unparalleled advantage of partnering with Brandis Hire, the leading Australian distributor of Megger equipment for hire. We take pride in our vast array of electrical test equipment available for hire at unbeatable rates.

Our extensive catalogue, coupled with stellar customer service and reliable nationwide coverage, ensures you’ll easily find the right equipment for your application. From bustling cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Adelaide, Hobart or Canberra, we’ve got you covered. Our Megger equipment for hire is just a call away.Embark on your next project with the confidence of having Brandis Hire’s commitment and Megger’s unmatched quality at your side. Browse our site and contact us for more information.

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