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Multimeters For Hire

Elevate your testing prowess with Brandis Hire’s range of multimeters available for rent, featuring popular brands known for precision including Fluke, Hioki and Extech.

Our selection includes Digital Multimeters for versatile electrical testing, Clamp Multimeters for non-invasive current measurements, and True RMS Multimeters for accurate readings on complex waveforms.

Choose reliability by opting for renowned brands. Rent our advanced multimeters today to simplify testing, troubleshoot with confidence, and achieve accurate results.



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Multimeter Hire

the Multimeter can be used to measure a wide range of basic electrical quantities (eg Voltage, Current, Frequency) as well as well as electrical circuit characteristics such as Resistance, Capacitance, Diode Tests, Minimum/Maximum/Average measurements and much more.

Fluke 789

This is the ultimate tool for electricians and instrument testing professionals who are looking to troubleshoot with ease. This tool combines all the ease and functionality of a loop calibrator with the precision measurement of a 100 V 440mA true-RMS digital multimeter. This loop calibrator ensures that the tools and not your body are near live electrical panels.

Fluke 289

This is a true data logging multimeter where you have the capacity to share your results with your team in a live video call, and where logged data can be displayed quickly and easily to register anomalies. The low pass filter makes it simple to get accurate voltage and frequency measurements concurrently, and with adjustable recording and auto-hold you can specify a percentage change in readings to begin a new testing event.

Fluke 87V

This rugged and high accuracy industrial multimeter makes measuring current, voltage and frequency on complex variable frequency drive signals simple. You can measure non-linear signals and capture intermittents as short as 250 µS.

Fluke 773

A loop calibrator that measures 4-20 mA signals without breaking the loop? That’s exactly what the Fluke 773 is capable of. This device features accuracy of 0.2% and delivers resolution and sensitivity to 0.01mA so you can be assured of quality and accuracy at every test.

Fluke 725

With the Fluke 725 by your side, you’re equipped to test and calibrate practically any process. You can calibrate transmitters, measure and source mA, volts, temperatures and pressure – along with ohms and frequency with ease.

Quality multimeter hire with Brandis Hire

We are proud to stock and supply a range of quality multimeters to Australian businesses and ship across the country. You can select and book your chosen equipment online as soon as you have registered for an account, and are here to answer any questions you may have about our equipment.

We ship to you in a hard case and only charge you for the time the equipment is actually in your possession, so you’re not paying for wasted hours. Everything is tested and calibrated before it comes to you, so you can be assured or accuracy as well.

Got some questions? Please explore our FAQ page. If there is something you would like to know that hasn’t been answered there, feel free to call us on 07 5330 3098 or contact us online.

You can trust the service and quality at Brandis Hire, so start looking for your chosen equipment and hire with us today.

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We have a large range of equipment and are backed by a large network of suppliers. We’ll help you find the gear that you need for your next project.

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