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High Potential Testers For Hire

Elevate your electrical safety protocols with our Hi-Pot test equipment available for hire. Brandis Hire offers a range of cutting-edge options to test insulation integrity and detect potential hazards. Choose from our inventory featuring AC/DC Hi-Pot testers, VLF (Very Low Frequency) testers, and Portable Hipot testers.

AC/DC Hi-Pot testers ensure the insulation can withstand high voltage, identifying weaknesses. VLF testers are designed for High Voltage Cable systems, replicating real-world stresses.

Prioritize your electrical system’s reliability. Rent our top-tier Hi-Pot test equipment today to prevent breakdowns, reduce risks, and help guarantee safety.



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The HiPot test instruments you need for good insulation isolation

Our High Voltage or High Potential Testers (HiPot) are used to test the integrity of the insulation and detect material or workmanship defects of one or more components of an electrical system. A hipot test, otherwise known as Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV) test can determine if the insulation of a product or component is sufficient to prevent electrical breakdown and also protect users from electrical shock. In any electrical installation, insulation is one of the most crucial elements. Insulation testing can be a very useful tool to determine if a system is ready to energise or if a system that has been in service is starting to deteriorate.

HiPot Test instruments are used to conduct tests using normal rated voltage (or higher than rated voltage) of an electrical system to ensure the insulation is fit for service. AC and DC Hipot testers are available for hire depending on the required tests and can be used for High Voltage Busbars, Circuit Breakers, Bushings, Isolators, Cables, Transformers, Generators, Inverter systems and Switchboards.

Low voltage wiring can also be tested using a HiPot tester (sometimes called an LV Flash Test) to ensure the integrity of all cabling and equipment in a switchboard factory prior to dispatch to a customer, for example.

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Importance of HiPot Testing

HiPot testing is a non-destructive test that confirms the integrity of your electrical insulation. This is a high-voltage test that determines whether insulation is deteriorated, damaged or contaminated.

It’s an essential preventative maintenance procedure that aids in avoiding unexpected equipment failure, costly downtime and potentially harmful accidents. It’s not just about compliance with industry regulations — consistent HiPot testing can increase the lifespan of your electrical equipment, resulting in significant savings in the long run.

A HiPot test can be useful in determining the following:

  • Nicked or crushed insulation — The test can identify areas where insulation may have been damaged or compromised, possibly causing an unsafe condition or future failure.
  • Cracked insulation — Over time, insulation can break due to various factors like temperature fluctuations or physical stress. The HiPot test can detect these cracks, which might otherwise go unnoticed until they cause serious problems.
  • Stray wire strands — These can cause short circuits or arcing. The HiPot tester can help pinpoint such issues, allowing you to correct them promptly.
  • Problems with poor earthing or shielding — These can lead to safety risks and interfere with the operation of your electrical systems.
  • Conductive or corrosive contaminants — These can compromise the insulating capability of your equipment. HiPot testing is an effective way to detect their presence.
  • Terminal spacing problems — Inadequate spacing can lead to arcing or short circuits. A HiPot exam can confirm whether the terminal spacing meets the required standards.
  • Cable tolerance errors — Variations in cable thickness can affect the insulation’s effectiveness. Such inconsistencies can potentially lead to areas of weak insulation, which are susceptible to damage and early failure.
  • Clearance encroachments — Any encroachments can reduce electrical clearance and cause safety hazards. HiPot testing helps identify these issues.
  • Insulation deterioration — Over time, insulation can degrade due to environmental factors affecting its insulating capacity. This includes exposure to heat, cold, humidity, vibration and even airborne contaminants. As the insulation wears down, it becomes less effective in preventing electrical leakage or a short circuit.

By conducting regular HiPot assessments, you can diagnose and rectify these issues, thereby ensuring that your electrical systems are both efficient and safe. Given its importance, it’s essential to use reliable and accurate high-potential testers. Our testers offer an easy and complete solution for testing, protecting and measuring insulation according to IEEE and IEC standards.

AC and DC HiPot Tester rental

Most safety standards will permit the use of either AC or DC voltage when performing a HiPot test. The type of tests (AC/DC) being performed will be dependent on the equipment being tested and acceptance criteria.

DC Voltage HiPot Tester rental

When you’re testing using DC voltage, it’s important to ensure that the test voltage is correct for the equipment under test and the insulation is not being stressed unnecessarily.

Using a DC test voltage allows the leakage current trip to be set much lower than when using an AC test voltage. DC Hipot testing is often used on older paper-lead style HV cables and can also be used to test an insulation system, where capacitive and inductive properties cause problems for AC Hipot testing.

Safety first! If you are using a DC HiPot tester, following any test, there may be a residual charge present and you will need a safe discharge device or a setup. A good practice when doing any Hipot testing is to ensure the equipment under test is discharged before it is handled.

AC Voltage HiPot Tester rental

When testing with an AC HiPot tester, you are in effect, testing as close as possible to real operating conditions, with test voltages often exceeding the rated operating voltage. This is one of the best methods of ensuring a piece of equipment to is fit for service and OK to be energised or returned to service.

Why Choose Brandis Hire For Your HiPot Tester Rentals

For reliable, top-quality HiPot tester rentals, there’s no need to look further than Brandis Hire — your trusted partner in electrical testing solutions. We have established our reputation through our unmatched commitment to service and state-of-the-art equipment available across Australia. Here are more reasons our clients trust us:

Stellar Customer Support

At Brandis Hire, we pride ourselves on our approachable, knowledgeable staff, who are always ready to assist you. Every HiPot test equipment hire comes with four hours of FREE technical support, underlining our commitment to your success. Our team’s professional yet friendly approach ensures that dealing with us is always a pleasant experience.

24/7 End-to-End Web Shop

Our online platform offers you the convenience to browse, compare and hire our HiPot testers anytime, anywhere. Designed to make your rental experience seamless, our 24/7 webshop lets you access our top-of-the-line high-potential testers with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort.

Seamless Transport

We understand that transportation can be a hassle, so we organise the delivery and collection of your HiPot tester across Australia. And the best part? We ensure no hire charges are incurred while the equipment is in transit, so you only pay for the time you use the equipment.

100% Australia-owned and Operated

As a 100% Australian-owned and operated business, we understand the unique requirements of our local customers. By choosing us for your HiPot test equipment rental, you’re not only receiving the highest quality service and products, but also supporting a homegrown business.

Equipment Sourcing Assistance

We make it our goal to meet all your HiPot testing needs. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we don’t stop there. Our dedicated team will utilise their industry connections and expertise to source the exact HiPot tester you need, demonstrating our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

No Lock-in Hire Periods

Our flexible rental policies mean you’re never locked into long-term commitments. Whether you need a HiPot tester for a single use or an extended project, we offer rental options that suit your exact requirements, providing the flexibility and convenience you need to get the job done right.

HiPot tester rental with Brandis Hire

When you need the right equipment for the job, Brandis Hire can help. We’re based in Brisbane but supply our high potential testing equipment across Australia.

Our testing equipment is mobile which means that you can carry out the necessary site tests when you need to, with powerful and accurate reporting.

We stock a range of testing equipment and can ship to anywhere in Australia. Got questions? We can help. Just call our team or contact us online.


Is HiPot testing safe for electronic devices?

Yes, HiPot testing is a non-destructive test method designed to ensure the safety and longevity of your electronic devices. The testing process is engineered to prevent any damage to the tested devices.

What are the voltage and current requirements for HiPot testing?

The voltage and current requirements for HiPot testing vary greatly depending on the device being tested and the standards it needs to meet. Our HiPot testers at Brandis Hire are designed to accommodate a wide range of testing requirements. You can opt for 0-50kV testers, like the Phenix 50 kV PD Free, or the Phenix 130kV AC HiPot.

Can HiPot testers perform other tests besides high-potential testing?

Yes, many HiPot testers can perform additional tests such as insulation resistance testing and continuity testing. It’s essential to consult the Brandis Hire team to select a tester that suits your needs.

How often should HiPot tests be conducted?

The frequency of HiPot tests depends on several factors, including the type of equipment, its operating conditions and regulatory requirements. Our team can provide guidance on the optimal testing frequency for your specific circumstances. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Are HiPot testers suitable for field use?

Yes, HiPot testers are designed to be robust and portable, making them suitable for both laboratory and field use. Brandis Hire offers a range of high-potential testers that are field-ready.

What safety precautions should be taken during HiPot testing?

Safety is paramount during HiPot testing. Precautions include wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, ensuring the device under test is properly connected to the tester and following the tester manufacturer’s instructions. Our team can provide comprehensive safety guidance once you hire our equipment.

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