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B2 Electronics

Brandis Hire is proud to stock a diverse range of products from b2 electronics. Whether you’re in the market for advanced electrical testing or seeking high-precision measurement equipment, our collection ensures you have the best at your fingertips. Browse our range today.



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About b2 electronics

Established in 2001, b2 electronics is a beacon of innovation in high-voltage testing. Their pioneering solutions are crafted to protect electrical networks from potential damage, combining safety, efficiency and speed. Operating globally — with a foothold in over 120 countries — they’ve cemented their reputation as industry leaders.

The quality that sets b2 electronics apart is its commitment to innovation, reflected in the company’s extensive patent-protected portfolio. As strong proponents of in-house research, development and manufacturing, they’ve made Austria their creation powerhouse.

Why customers hire b2 electronics equipment

At Brandis Hire, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient testing and measurement tools. That’s why we have partnered with industry leaders like b2 electronics to offer our clients the best testing equipment for hire. Here are a few more reasons customers rave about this brand:

The most advanced HV testers

When it comes to high-voltage testing, b2 electronics stays ahead of the curve. Their testers are not just advanced — they’re a testament to forward-thinking engineering and design, ensuring users have access to the most intuitive features.


Trust is earned, and b2 electronics knows it. Their robust products, backed by meticulous research and testing, ensure consistent performance — instilling confidence in users across 120 countries.


In an industry where testing machines face rigorous demands, the durability of b2 electronics remains unparalleled. Craftsmanship is evident in the extensive lifespan of their products. From intense environmental conditions to prolonged usage cycles, b2’s equipment consistently prove their resilience.

Great reputation

When a brand has sales partners stretching across the globe, it speaks volumes about its standing in the industry. They ensure that customers, no matter where they are, receive unparalleled support and service tailored to their unique needs.

ISO certification

Earning their stripes in 2009, b2 electronics proudly flaunts the EN ISO 9001 certificate, which speaks of their consistent product quality throughout their processes. From ideation and production to calibration, shipping and the development of software tools, b2 electronics embodies excellence.

Explore our range of b2 electric equipment for hire

Find the best fit for your project in our curated range of b2 electric equipment for hire. Among the standout items in our selection are:

  • HVA 60 — A cutting-edge high-voltage testing system, the HVA 60 is remarkably compact and lightweight, housing both the control cabinet and HV generator in one unit. It facilitates variable frequency VLF output for high-voltage cables and switchgear assessment, supports dual-polarity DC and tests up to 15,000 m of cable at reduced frequencies.
  • HVA 45 TD — A potent device, the HVA 45 TD confidently tests an array of medium-voltage cables. With a peak output of 45kV and the unique Tan Delta diagnostics, it effectively assesses cables up to 35kV. Despite its capabilities, the HVA 45 TD remains portable, and its IP67 housing ensures durability.
  • HVA 90 — Boasting power in a compact shell, the HVA 90 stands out with its impressive power-to-weight ratio. Eliminating the need for multiple devices, it offers variable frequency VLF output and dual polarity DC. Notably, it tests large capacitance loads and an expansive 33,000 m cable at decreased frequencies.
  • HVA PDTD60-2 — This system, paired with a VLF generator, offers comprehensive diagnosis with a sinusoidal output. Adhering to industry standards for PD and TD measurements, the integrated b2 Suite® software streamlines diagnostics while ensuring data accessibility.
  • HVA 34 — A compact VLF test set, the HVA34 is designed for medium voltage cables, offering multiple testing modes. Weighing just 39 kg, it’s portable, rugged and boasts IP67 protection. With integrated safety features and continuous operating potential, the HVA34 brings reliability to any field operation.
  • HVA 28TD — An ultra-portable VLF system, the HVA28TD stands out with integrated Tan Delta Diagnostics. Designed for medium voltage cable tests, it offers VLF, DC and sheath testing.
  • HVA TD90 — Specialised for evaluating HV cable conditions, the HVA TD90 harnesses Tan Delta measurements to pinpoint damages. It’s best paired with HVA series VLF tools for optimal high-voltage sourcing.

Hire a b2 electric equipment today

Precision and reliability are paramount when working on projects involving electrical testing and measurement. At Brandis Hire, not only do we stock top-of-the-line equipment from b2 electronics, but we also feature devices from other industry giants like Fluke, Hioki and Megger. We’re here to assist you whether you need advanced testing solutions or technical support. Browse our range now or contact us for more information.


Why choose b2 electronics products?

b2 electronics has carved its niche with state-of-the-art equipment that promises accuracy, durability and cutting-edge innovation. When performance matters, b2 electronics is a name you can trust.

What is the process of renting b2 electronics’ products from Brandis Hire?

Our hiring process is streamlined for customer ease. Simply browse our range, select your desired equipment and follow our straightforward rental procedure. We will then deliver the machine to you and pick it up when you’re ready to return it. We will only charge you for the time it’s in your hands and never when it’s in transit. Our team is always on standby for any queries, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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