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Battery Testing Instruments For Hire

Battery testing equipment is essential for evaluating the performance, capacity and health of batteries. These tools are critical for ensuring battery reliability in various applications, from industrial systems to portable electronic devices. At Brandis Hire, we offer a diverse range of battery testing equipment for hire, including battery analysers, load testers and conductance testers. You can rest assured that our equipment guarantees precise and dependable results, supporting your project’s success with the utmost efficiency.



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Instruments for testing UPS and Backup Batteries

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) Batteries and Backup or Standby Batteries need regular testing to ensure they can provide the emergency power requirements of your installation. Battery test instruments can be used to determine everything you need to know about the condition of your UPS, Backup or Standby batteries.

For more information on how our battery testing equipment can enhance your projects, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to provide expert advice and tailored solutions, making Brandis Hire your go-to partner for all your electrical testing needs.


Why hire battery testing equipment from Brandis Hire?

Choosing Brandis Hire means opting for reliability and quality. Our battery testing equipment is meticulously maintained and calibrated, ensuring accurate results for your testing needs. We understand the importance of reliable equipment in your projects, which is why we offer the latest tools in battery testing technology, supported by our expert team providing technical assistance.

What battery testing equipment do you offer for hire?

Our selection includes:

  1. Bridge Rectifier — Essential for converting AC to DC with precision.
  2. FLIR T530 Thermal Camera — Offers advanced thermal imaging for battery inspections.
  3. Hioki 3554-52 — A top-choice battery tester for resistance and voltage analysis.
  4. Megger Torkel 950 — Reliable for battery load testing under real conditions.
  5. Fluke 521BT — An indispensable tool for battery voltage and resistance measurement.

Explore our range at Brandis Hire to discover the perfect tool for your needs.

What other equipment do you offer for hire?

Beyond battery testing, we offer a wide array of electrical testing equipment, including:

  1. Circuit breaker tester — For ensuring your circuit breakers function properly.
  2. Magnetic field strength equipment — To measure magnetic field intensity.
  3. Oscilloscopes — For detailed analysis of electrical signals.
  4. Test plugs and adaptors — Essential for connecting and testing various systems.
  5. VLF test instruments — For high-voltage cable testing.

Do you offer long-term rentals for battery testing equipment?

Yes, we offer flexible long-term rental options to suit your project timeline.

Do you provide delivery and pickup services for the rented battery testing equipment?

Our comprehensive service includes delivery and pickup options, making the rental process seamless.

Are the rental rates for battery testing equipment inclusive of any additional charges or fees?

You can rest assured that our rates are transparent, with all charges clearly outlined upfront.

Is there any security deposit required for renting battery testing equipment?

A security deposit is required to ensure peace of mind for both parties.

Can I get technical support or assistance with using the rented battery testing equipment?

If you encounter any problems with our battery testing equipment for hire, you can take advantage of our free four-hour expert support and assistance.

Are the battery testing equipment available for hire regularly maintained and calibrated?

Our team ensures regular maintenance and calibration of all our rental equipment, so they can meet the highest standards for your projects.

What happens if the battery testing equipment malfunctions during the rental period?

Should any equipment malfunction, we provide prompt support to resolve the issue quickly.

What happens if the battery testing equipment is damaged while in my possession?

In the event of equipment damage, contact us immediately so we can work with you to find a fair and efficient resolution.

Can’t find what you need? Let us find it for you.

We have a large range of equipment and are backed by a large network of suppliers. We’ll help you find the gear that you need for your next project.


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