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Earth Testers For Hire

Looking for reliable solutions to assess your electrical earthing systems? Brandis Hire offers a range of essential electrical earthing test equipment for rent, Our inventory includes Earth Resistance Testers, Ground Resistance Clamps, and Soil Resistivity Kits.

Earth Resistance Testers evaluate the effectiveness of grounding systems, preventing potential hazards. Ground Resistance Clamps provide a quick and non-invasive way to measure resistance on existing installations. Soil Resistivity Kits assess soil conditions for optimal grounding strategies.

Prioritize safety in your electrical setups. Rent our advanced electrical earthing test equipment today and ensure a secure and efficient electrical environment.



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Hire earthing and grounding system testers for High Voltage and Low Voltage applications

An earthing or grounding system is one or more ground electrodes and conductors which provide a connection between the electrical installation and earth itself. This helps to ensure the safety of the installation, as well as the correct operation of any protective devices used.

Earth ground resistance testers can be used to measure different characteristics of an earthing system. These characteristics include earth resistance or impedance, interconnection resistances for large earthing systems, earth resistivity tests and much more. Larger earthing systems (for example, substation earth systems) can be fully tested for step, touch and transfer voltages and overall earthing system impedance and performance.

Can’t find what you need for earth tester hire? Simply give us a call or send us an enquiry, our electrical test equipment hire team is ready to help.

About Our Earth Tester Hire

We offer a range of quality earth testing equipment for hire which are designed to make short work of your earthing and grounding system resistance testing requirements.

Megger DET4TD2

The Megger DET4TD2 offers 2,3 and 4 point testing with the option for stake-less or clamp-on testing options. With the Megger, you can choose from multiple test frequencies and will be able to measure resistance up to 200 kΩ. Warning indicators on the device prevents test failure, and with the simple, one button operation you’ll find the Megger DET4TD2 a breeze to use.

Substation Earth Grid Test Kit

Earthing is a vital part of your power systems, and all of your components need to be adequately earthed in order to ensure protection from power failures. Earth grids also need to be tested in order to ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards. You can hire our Earth Grid Testing Kit which gives you the capacity to conduct tests wherever you are in the field to ensure the safety and security of your earth grid.

Omicron HGT1

This easy-to-use handheld grounding tester has the ability to test currents at variable frequencies and gives you the power to measure and test in real time. This is a mobile and portable solution which gives you the capacity to take simplified measurements at locations inside and outside of your substation. With real time assessment of step and touch voltages and frequency selective measurement for effective noise suppression, you’ll love this easy-to-use tester.

Flexible Current Measuring Sensors (Rogowski Coils)

Measuring the current in a large or oddly shaped conductor can be difficult , particularly where access is difficult or there are multiple conductors to be measured at the same time. A Rogowski Coil is a flexible coil that can be used to measure the current flow in all of these situations and many more, by using a flexible coil that is very easily wrapped around the conductors to be measured. By looping the Rogowski coil around the conductors, holding the ends of the loop together and connecting to a suitable measuring instrument (eg multi meter) an accurate measurement of the current flowing is easily obtained.

Megger DET14C

This earth resistance clamp tester makes short work of earth/ground clamp on resistance testing. These testers work by inducing a test current into earth systems and measures the ground resistance without needing to disconnect the ground. An elliptical-shaped head provides improved access to cables and earth straps even when in space-constrained locations. You can use this innovative earth resistance clamp tester in power stations, towers, substations and a range of other field locations.

CP CU1 Coupling Unit

This is a multifunctional coupling unit which is used in conjunction with the CPC100 to measure line impedance and to test k-factors on overhead lines and power cables. You can also use the CP CU1 to test ground impedances on large systems, as well as all your touch and step voltages.

You can be assured of precision with the CP CU1 — mains frequency malfunctions won’t influence the measurements since variable output frequencies are used for measurement. To ensure safety for the test engineer, you’ll be supplied with the CP GB1 grounding unit. This has the capacity to divert currents of up to 30kA if the voltage limit value is exceeded.

Earth Tester Hire from Brandis Hire

Brandis Hire has multiple locations nationwide, enabling us to supply high-quality earth testing equipment to locations around Australia. In fact, no matter where you are, we’ll ship the test equipment you hire to you and make short work of your testing needs. We don’t charge you for the time your items are in transit which means you only pay for the time where you’re actually using your earth testing equipment in the field or on site. Our earth testing equipment is mobile and easy to transport which means that adhering to safety standards and staying up to date is now easier and more cost-effective than ever.

We ship to anywhere in Australia and make it easy to find what you’re after — you can even order online and make payment for fast delivery once you have registered for an account. Got questions? We can help. Just call our test equipment rental team or contact us online.

Can’t find what you need? Let us find it for you.

We have a large range of equipment and are backed by a large network of suppliers. We’ll help you find the gear that you need for your next project.


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