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Primary Injection Testing For Hire

Strengthen your electrical system’s defense with our primary injection test equipment available for hire, featuring renowned brands known including Gayrad, SMC and Omicron.

Our selection comprises High-Current Test Sets for accurate tripping verification, Micro-Ohmmeters for resistance measurement, and Circuit Breaker Analyzers for comprehensive analysis.

Opt for trusted brands to guarantee dependable results. Rent our advanced primary injection test equipment today to validate protective devices, enhance system resilience, and ensure uninterrupted operations.



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Primary Injection Testing equipment

Electrical substations contain a range of vital high voltage equipment including power transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, isolators, earth switches, earthing systems, interconnecting busbars, lines and cables, HV Reactor, Capacitor Banks, NERs and generators. A substation test instrument replaces the need to carry a range of separate instruments to test each of these devices, by combining the functionality into a single, portable instrument capable of performing many tests. We stock leading testing equipment from Omicron like the Omicron CPC 100 and CP-TD1, and are proud to supply quality products to our customers from around Australia.

Substation equipment needs to be properly tested before energising for the first time to ensure it’s safe, operates correctly and is correctly connected to other equipment in the substation. Periodic maintenance tests are also very important to ensure ongoing safe and reliable operation and a substation test instrument is a vital tool in performing both commissioning and maintenance tests.

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The Omicron CPC100 is a universal primary injection test set for your substation assets. You can perform all manner of electrical tests on power transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, Reactors, Capacitor banks, rotating machines, grounding systems, lines cables and circuit breakers. This patented CPC100 primary injection test system works to replace multiple individual devices and reduces your overall testing, training and transport time.

The CPC100 is the base for multiple accessories which facilitate further applications like power/dissipation factor measurement and line and ground impedance measurements.


The Omicron CP-TD1 is a precision test system which tests your tan delta/dissipation factors for high voltage power and instrument transformers. This CP-TD1 accessory is used in conjunction with the CPC100 for testing tan delta and dissipation factors along with capacitance measurements.


Tests applications up to 2000 A The output current of the CPC 100 gets increased to up to 2000 A. The CP CB2 can be connected with the short high current cable set close to the busbar and with the long connection cable to the CPC 100.


Compano 100 is mains independent due to its unique battery operation. This enables the user to perform tests at remote locations for several hours without the need of a mains supply. This unit is the ideal solution for a wide range of one-phase current or one-phase voltage testing for protection devices. Whether the sources are AC or DC, COMPANO 100 can run various output signal forms.


Trolley for portable operation of CPC100 and accessories including TD1 and CU1 extensions.Rugged trolley with pneumatic wheels to allow easy movement around your site. Supplied with brackets to suit CPC100, CP-CU1, CP-TD1 and other CPC100 accessories. Handy pump to allow re-inflation of wheels if necessary. Trolley only — price does not include CPC100 or accessories.

Where to Hire Substation Testers

Brandis Hire ships our electrical test equipment anywhere in Australia. With multiple offices nationwide, wherever you’re located in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, WA or NT, you can rely on Brandis Hire to deliver the primary testing equipment you need to get the job done right.

For your assurances, we test and check everything prior to dispatching and are here to support and provide help with any questions you may have. All rental equipment is supplied with a calibration certificate and user manual. What’s more, we can also offer training and guidance on how to use our range of substation testers. Contact us today or call us on 1300 024 473 between 9am – 5pm weekdays, AEST.

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