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OMICRON electronics

Step into the world of precision and reliability with one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of electrical testing equipmentOmicron Electronics. By offering an array of cutting-edge Omicron test equipment for hire Australia-wide, we make technical testing a breeze.

Forget the hassle of sourcing the right Omicron electrical test equipment — we’ve got it all under one roof. With our perfect blend of excellent customer service and a vast selection of products, we ensure your equipment hire experience is seamless and hassle-free. Trust Brandis Hire for your Omicron test equipment rentals.



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Why choose Omicron Electronics?

Choosing Omicron Electronics means choosing a brand synonymous with quality, innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s for a short-term project or long-term application, the Omicron test equipment hire service from Brandis Hire brings the best of Omicron’s offerings to your doorstep, ready to cater to your testing needs.

Innovative excellence

Omicron Electronics is a world leader in the innovation of electrical test equipment. With a commitment to progress and development, this company has consistently delivered advanced solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry.

Established legacy

Boasting over 35 years in business, Omicron has a rich history underpinned by technical excellence and a relentless pursuit of quality. This wealth of experience positions the brand as a trusted choice for electrical and technical testing needs.

Global presence

Omicron’s reach extends to over 160 countries, making it a truly global brand. This expansive network is supported by 24 offices and service centres across multiple continents. With over 1100 employees worldwide, customers can rest assured they are supported by a diverse and dedicated team.

Unrivalled accessibility

The vast geographic footprint of Omicron ensures customers can access top-tier Omicron testing equipment wherever they are in the world. This global accessibility underscores Omicron’s commitment to meeting customer needs, irrespective of location.

Quality assurance

Omicron is ISO-certified, guaranteeing the highest quality standards, health and safety and environmental management. Their certifications serve as a guarantee that every piece of Omicron electrical test equipment adheres to stringent international standards, ensuring reliable performance and customer satisfaction.

Industry-leading products

The catalogue of Omicron test equipment is comprehensive and diverse, catering to a wide range of electrical and technical testing needs. From substation testers and calibrators to various adaptors, Omicron provides the tools necessary for precise and accurate testing.

Expert support

Omicron’s team of over 1100 employees are not just staff but specialists in their respective fields. This means customers can rely on expert guidance and support, enhancing the usability and effectiveness of their Omicron test equipment.

Commitment to sustainability

Omicron’s ISO certification extends to environmental management, signalling the brand’s commitment to sustainable practices. This means when customers choose our Omicron electrical test equipment for hire, they’re not only choosing quality and reliability, but also supporting environmental responsibility.

Browse our range of Omicron products

Dive into our curated selection of top-tier Omicron test equipment. Each meticulously designed tool offers unparalleled performance, ensuring your testing processes are accurate, efficient and stress-free. Explore our range and discover how our Omicron equipment for hire can elevate your testing standards. Some of the standout items we have include:

Omicron CMC 356

Experience versatility like never before with the Omicron CMC 356, your comprehensive solution for testing every generation and type of protection relays. Its robust six current sources deliver an unmatched dynamic range, making it the ultimate choice for testing the most power-demanding, high-burden electromechanical relays. 

Whether you’re a commissioning engineer needing extensive testing capabilities or conducting comprehensive plausibility checks, the CMC 356 tops the list for high versatility, power and amplitude in our Omicron electrical test equipment for hire.

Omicron CP-TD1

Meet the Omicron CP-TD1 — your crucial tool for on-site insulation tests of high-voltage systems. This precision instrument is ideal for testing power and instrument transformers, circuit breakers, capacitors and isolators. With output voltages up to 12kV and a frequency range from 15 Hz to 400 Hz, it offers lab-grade precision even in challenging environments, making it a standout in our Omicron test equipment for hire range.

Omicron GPS Interface

Augment your testing capabilities with the Omicron GPS Interface, a valuable addition to your Omicron CMC Test Instruments. This tool allows synchronised testing across two locations using a GPS clock time base. From controlling a test set at a predetermined time to synchronising the start of a test process across multiple Omicron test sets, this GPS interface simplifies complex testing processes — making it an indispensable asset in our Omicron electrical test equipment for hire selection.

Omicron VOTANO 100

Experience the convenience of portability without compromising accuracy with the Omicron VOTANO 100. As the first portable device offering highly precise voltage transformer tests, it’s perfect for both electrical performance checks and class verification. Whether you’re conducting on-site tests or calibrations in power system grids or using it in your production facilities or testing labs, the VOTANO 100 provides the necessary high voltage for ratio measurement.

The Brandis Hire difference

Delivering a comprehensive range of electrical testing and measurement tools to every corner of Australia, Brandis Hire’s competitive pricing and broad inventory ensure you’re equipped for success — whether in bustling cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or remote locales such as Townsville or Karratha. Our solutions are just a call away, setting the gold standard in equipment hire nationwide.

At Brandis Hire, we redefine the experience of hiring Omicron electrical test equipment with our customer-centric approach, supplying the precise tools you need when you need them. From metropolitan hubs to regional heartlands, your next project’s success starts with Brandis Hire. And don’t forget, we are also home to other devices for hire, including general industrial test and instrumentation test equipment.

Feel free to browse our catalogue and contact us for details.

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