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Secondary Injection Testing For Hire

Elevate your system testing with our secondary injection test equipment available for hire, showcasing the best brands known for accuracy. Discover Omicron, Doble and Megger among others.

Our selection features Secondary Injection Test Sets for relay verification, Advanced three phase and IEC 61860 Protection Relay Testers for comprehensive diagnostics, and GPS satellite synchronising equipment for advanced end to end testing of protection schemes.

Rent our advanced secondary injection test equipment today to validate protection schemes, enhance system reliability, and prevent disruptions.



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Secondary Injection Testing equipment

Electrical substations contain a range of protective relays to detect and isolate faults on equipment, as well as meter devices so that energy consumed by a load or customer can be measured.

Like any protective device or measurement instrument, protection relays and electricity meters must be properly tested before energising (commissioning) for the first time. This ensures they’re safe, operate correctly and are properly connected to other equipment in the substation.

Periodic maintenance tests are also very important to ensure ongoing safe and reliable operation. This is why a manual or automated protection or metering test instrument is a vital tool in performing these tests.

CMC 356

The OMICRON CMC 356 is your universal solution when you want to test all generations and types of protection relays. This device has powerful six current sources (three-phase mode: up to 64 A / 860 VA per channel) with a great dynamic range, which means that it’s capable of testing even high-burden electromechanical relays with very high-power demands. The CMC356 also has the capability of AC and DC voltage output for secondary system testing and powering up as well. If you’re looking for an OMICRON rental that enables you to test an extensive range of protection relays, hire the CMC 356.

Doble F6150E

The Doble F6150e is your versatile solution for testing protection relays and schemes. This power system simulator performs the simplest through the most complex tests. Meeting all your testing needs, the F6150e is available in four different models. Whether you need to test an individual component or test an entire scheme, the F6150e is the proven solution to assess protection system performance

GPS Interface

GPS interface system for compatible time testing across the CMC range of instruments. With this device, you can synchronise your testing between 2 locations using a GPS clock time base.

Resistance decade box

This ELC resistance decade box provides the ability to substitute the interchange of different values of passive components with a single simple variable output.


The CMGPS 588 synchronisation unit is an antenna-integrated GPS controlled time reference optimised for outdoor usage. It works as a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Grandmaster Clock, doesn’t require any configuration work and is automatically ready for operation within a very short time after providing power supply via Power over Ethernet (PoE). The distance between the CMGPS 588 and the CMC can be extended up to 95 m (312 ft) by using extension cables. The OMICRON CMGPS 588 is one of our most popular secondary injection testing rental products.

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