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Power Quality Analysers For Hire

In the intricate world of electrical systems and networks, it’s essential to have the right tools to pinpoint problems accurately. Power quality analysers are indispensable in this regard, quickly sampling AC voltage at numerous points to provide vital insights into your power supply. These devices are crucial whether it’s monitoring fluctuations and disturbances or ensuring consistent power delivery. But where can you reliably source one? Enter Brandis Hire — your premier choice for power quality analysers for hire. With our commitment to quality and ease of service, we ensure you have access to top-notch equipment without the fuss.



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Applications of a power quality analyser

A power quality analyser is an invaluable tool in electrical system analysis. Its myriad of features and capabilities allow professionals to troubleshoot potential issues efficiently. Among the applications this versatile device offers are:

  • Harmonics monitoring — Beyond the basic power quality metrics, these analysers excel in tracking harmonics. Harmonics are higher-order frequencies superimposed on the primary power frequency, which can cause distortion and strain on equipment. Monitoring them helps in preventing potential malfunctions and optimising performance.
  • Current assessment — A comprehensive overview of electrical health isn’t just about voltage. Power quality analysers evaluate current parameters, ensuring devices and circuits operate within their prescribed limits, thus averting potential hazards.
  • Calculation of power values — Whether you’re dealing with real power, reactive power or apparent power, these analysers provide accurate calculations. This data helps understand the load distribution and make informed decisions for system optimisation.
  • Multi-phase monitoring — With most commercial and industrial setups operating on multi-phase systems, it becomes crucial to assess the performance of all phases simultaneously. These analysers effortlessly monitor multiple phases in real time, presenting a holistic view of the system’s health.

Discover our elite power quality analysers for hire

At Brandis Hire, we offer a selection of industry-leading power quality analysers tailored to meet diverse needs. Some of the standout models in our selection are:

Fluke 435

A powerhouse in pinpointing energy waste, this device doesn’t just measure but actively monitors your energy inefficiencies by providing granular data on voltage events. Equip yourself with its ability to conduct in-depth load studies and capture elusive voltage events — all while enjoying a user-friendly interface that presents data in various formats.

Fluke 1736 and 1738

These compact power loggers redefine convenience. Designed for comprehensive energy and power quality surveys, they come equipped with an intuitive touch screen and USB flash drive support. The standout feature? They let you conduct configurations, verifications and data downloads without the need of a computer on-site.

Hioki 3169-21

Hioki sets the gold standard with its portable power meters, and the 3169-21 is no exception. Renowned for its precision, it excels in measuring demand, harmonics and other essential electrical parameters. Its unique ability to measure up to four systems at once and set individual current ranges makes it great for capturing the most accurate data on large and small loads.

Hire a power quality analyser today

Known for unmatched reliability, Brandis Hire sets the gold standard in testing and measuring equipment rentals. Our excellence is reflected not only in our top-tier power quality analysers but also in our stellar customer service.

When you choose to hire a power quality analyser from us, you’re opting for a transparent and valuable experience. We ensure you’re only charged for the days the equipment is in your hands, excluding transit times. No hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises — just straightforward, honest service.

Brandis Hire also recognises the varying skill levels and needs of our clients. If you find yourself in need of technical guidance, our support team is always ready to assist, ensuring that you can use our equipment with confidence.

Besides power quality analysers, we also have a wide array of other testing equipment for hire:

Ready to partner with the best? Explore our curated range of testing tools and make every analysis count. Reach out to us and unlock unparalleled precision today!


What parameters can a power quality analyser measure?

A power quality analyser is a multifaceted device designed to measure various parameters. Beyond voltage and current, it can capture harmonics, power factors, total harmonic distortion (THD), peak demand, frequency and inrush current. It can also track and log disturbances and fluctuations over time, providing a comprehensive view of power quality.

How does a power quality analyser differ from a regular energy meter?

While both devices measure electrical parameters, their functions are distinct. A regular energy meter primarily measures and records the amount of electrical energy consumed over time. A power quality analyser, on the other hand, delves deeper, capturing detailed data on the quality of the power being used. It pinpoints disturbances, harmonics and other issues a standard meter would overlook.

What are the common power quality issues can a power quality analyser identify?

Power quality analysers are equipped to identify various issues that might plague an electrical system. Common problems they can detect include voltage sags or dips, voltage spikes or surges, transient disturbances, harmonics, imbalance between phases, frequency deviations and flicker. These can impact the efficiency and lifespan of electrical equipment and systems.

Can a power quality analyser help in diagnosing intermittent power problems?

Absolutely. One of the strengths of a power quality analyser is its ability to monitor and log data over extended periods. This makes it adept at catching and diagnosing intermittent problems that might not be immediately obvious, such as random voltage drops or sporadic harmonic disturbances. By analysing the data trends and patterns captured by the analyser, professionals can diagnose and address these elusive issues effectively.

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