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Micro-Ohmmeters For Hire

A micro-ohmmeter, also known as a ductor tester, is specifically designed to measure the resistance of electrical circuits and connections. At Brandis Hire, we understand the importance of precise electrical and technical testing. Whether you need a low-resistance ohmmeter, milli-ohmmeter or any other electrical wire testing and cable testing equipment, we’ve got you covered.

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Resistance testers for electrical equipment and connections

A micro-ohmmeter measures the resistance of a joint, connector, busbar, cable or connection using Ohm’s law, where a DC is passed through the item under test, and the voltage drop across the circuit or connection is measured. Basic micro-ohmmeters are suitable for measuring the resistance of simple equipment such as joints, welds and cables. However, more complex equipment such as transformers and motors require more specialised equipment with features such as inductive load testing capabilities to test the equipment safely.

Choose Brandis Hire for your micro-ohmmeter rental needs

Brandis Hire offers a range of rugged and high-quality equipment suitable for lab and field testing. We have equipment with a wide range of test currents and ensure accuracy every time. Here are some of the renowned brands we carry:

AEMC Testing Equipment

AEMC’s micro-ohmmeters boast versatility, employing the four-lead Kelvin method for precise measurements of resistances, with an accuracy of 0.25%. Ideal as a low-resistance ohmmeter and milli-ohmmeter, its comprehensive features include data storage, report generation, automatic temperature compensation (depending on the model) and polarity reversal. Designed as top-tier electrical wire testing equipment, its durable circuitry ensures extended testing durations.

DV Power

Experience the unparalleled quality and performance of DV Power’s electrical wire testing equipment. With over 15 years in designing and manufacturing micro-ohmmeters, DV Power guarantees precision in every measurement. Coupled with their portable testers and essential accessories, DV Power stands out as the go-to solution for all your high-performance testing needs.


Enjoy utmost precision with Megger’s micro-ohmmeters, renowned for their high performance and accuracy. Meant to pinpoint resistances down to a remarkable 0.1 micro-ohms, these devices are ideal for assessing contact resistance in switches, circuit breakers and even for aircraft frame bonds, rails and pipelines.


Get the measurements you need with the Omicron CPC100, a highly portable and user-friendly micro-ohmmeter. Its broad range of applications and ease of use make it a favourite among utilities, railway systems and service providers. You’ll appreciate the simplicity and accuracy that the Omicron CPC100 brings to your projects.


For low-resistance measurement, the Sonel micro-ohmmeter delivers resistive and inductive testing. This is the perfect tool for testing junctions, motors and power transformers.

Secure your micro-ohmmeter rental today with Brandis Hire

Based in Brisbane, Brandis Hire is your trusted partner for top-quality micro-ohmmeters, ensuring precise, portable and dependable testing wherever you are in Australia. Our vast inventory caters to both short-term and long-term needs, and we pride ourselves on transparent pricing — only charging for the days the equipment is with you, not while it’s in transit. Plus, with our seamless online registration and payment system, renting has never been easier.

Besides micro-ohmmeters, we also have an expansive range of testing equipment, including:

Got questions about micro-ohmmeters and other electrical wire testing equipment rentals? We’re here to provide technical support. Just call us on 1300 024 473 or contact us online.


What is a micro-ohmmeter?

A micro-ohmmeter, often referred to as a ductor tester, gauges the resistance of electrical circuits or connections. It applies Ohm’s law by sending a DC through the test item and measuring the voltage drop. While basic models assess simple equipment like joints and cables, advanced ones with inductive load testing are needed for complex objects like transformers and motors.

What are the different types of micro-ohmmeters I can rent from Brandis Hire?

At Brandis Hire, we offer micro-ohmmeters from well-known brands, including:

  • AEMC — Known for its precision, versatility and features like data storage and automatic temperature compensation.
  • DV Power — A leader in electrical wire testing equipment with over 15 years of expertise, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • Megger — High-performance micro-ohmmeters perfect for assessing contact resistance in various applications.
  • Omicron CPC100 — A user-friendly choice favoured by utilities and railway systems for its accuracy.
  • Sonel — Ideal for low-resistance measurements, especially in junctions and transformers.

What are the applications of a micro-ohmmeter?

Micro-ohmmeters are primarily used for measuring very low resistances with high precision. Typical applications include testing electrical joints, bonding, connectors, busbars, cables, welds and larger equipment like transformers and motors. They’re also used in quality control for manufacturing processes and maintenance checks for aerospace, electronics and power distribution industries.

What is the measuring range of a typical micro-ohmmeter?

A typical micro-ohmmeter can measure resistances from several micro-ohms (µΩ) up to several ohms, depending on the model and specifications. The exact range varies by device, but they are designed to capture extremely low-resistance values accurately.

How accurate are micro-ohmmeter measurements?

Micro-ohmmeters are designed for high precision and accuracy. Many models can measure resistances with accuracies of 0.1% or better. However, the exact accuracy depends on the specific model, the quality of the device and the conditions under which measurements are taken.

What safety precautions should I take while using a micro-ohmmeter?

Always ensure the device is in good working condition before use, and avoid measuring on live circuits. Ensure the equipment under test is de-energised and isolated. Use appropriate personal protective equipment, and always refer to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines provided in the user manual.

Can a micro-ohmmeter measure the resistance of live circuits?

No, micro-ohmmeters should not be used on live circuits. Before taking measurements, ensure the circuit is de-energised and isolated to prevent any risk of electric shock or damage to the instrument.

What are the advantages of using a micro-ohmmeter over a standard ohmmeter?

Micro-ohmmeters are designed to measure extremely low resistances with high precision. They often employ a four-wire measurement technique to eliminate lead resistance errors. Standard ohmmeters might not have the sensitivity or precision to capture such low-resistance values.

How long does it typically take to get a stable reading with a micro-ohmmeter?

The time to get a stable reading can vary based on the device and the resistance being measured. However, many modern micro-ohmmeters provide stable readings within seconds. For very low resistances or when using high precision modes, it might take a bit longer.

How do temperature variations affect micro-ohmmeter measurements?

Temperature can influence resistance values. Many metals, for instance, see their resistance increase with rising temperatures. Some micro-ohmmeters come with automatic temperature compensation features to account for this. However, for the most accurate readings, it’s advisable to measure at a consistent, known temperature or use correction factors.

Is it possible to perform automated testing with a micro-ohmmeter?

Yes, many advanced micro-ohmmeters come with features that allow for automated testing. This can include programmable sequences, data storage and even connectivity options to interface with computers or other devices for data logging and analysis.

Why hire a micro-ohmmeter from us?

Hiring a micro-ohmmeter from Brandis Hire ensures you get top-tier equipment meticulously maintained and calibrated for optimal performance. Here are some compelling reasons to consider us:

  • Quality assurance — Our micro-ohmmeters are sourced from leading manufacturers and undergo regular checks to meet industry standards.
  • Cost-effectiveness — Hiring allows you to access high-quality equipment without the significant upfront investment of purchasing.
  • Flexibility — Whether you need the equipment for a short-term or extended project, our rental options cater to your specific needs.
  • Expert support — Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist, ensuring you get the most out of your rental. We can even help you source the right equipment if we don’t have it in stock.

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