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Cable Fault Locators For Hire

Efficient Electrical Cable Fault Locating Instruments: Empowering Effective Troubleshooting

Electrical cable fault locating instruments are essential tools for pinpointing faults in underground and overhead electrical cables, saving time and resources during troubleshooting.

Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR) are widely used for locating faults such as cable breaks, moisture ingress, or impedance variations by analyzing the reflections of electrical signals.

Cable fault locators utilize various methods like pulse echo, arc reflection, and thumpers to precisely locate faults in underground cables, reducing downtime and costly excavations.

These instruments aid in identifying and tracing cables within a network, streamlining maintenance and repair operations, and minimizing disruptions during fault detection and rectification.

Electrical cable fault locating instruments play a vital role in efficient troubleshooting. By accurately identifying faults, they enable prompt repairs, reducing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted electrical supply.



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Cable fault locator hire to diagnose any underground cable faults

Cable fault locators for finding cable faults and disruptions in underground high and low voltage power cables. The cable fault location equipment is ideal for finding faults in underground and above ground high and low voltage cables. The cables can be tested from up to 1000m below the grounds surface. by turning the joule output on the equipment down you are able to test lower voltage cables to find out if there are faults. We provide cable fault locator rental at a great rate for ease of testing.

Megger EZ-Thump

The EZ-Thump V2 (Version 2) is a compact and light weight, battery or AC operated fault location system for low voltage and medium voltage cables, which along with the still available 4 and 12kV units is now also offered as a dual stage 1.5/3kV unit, with 500J in each of the stages.


The MFM 10-1’s intuitive menu-driven operation and automatic measurement and evaluation system enables cable sheaths to be tested and sheath faults to be pre-located and pinpointed as simply as possible.Data is entered using the proven Megger rotary encoder principle and is supported by a touch screen.

Quality cable fault location equipment hire with Brandis Hire

We are proud to stock and supply a range of quality cable fault location equipment to Australian businesses and ship across the country. You can select and book your chosen equipment online as soon as you have registered for an account, and are here to answer any questions you may have about our equipment.

We ship to your cable fault locator rental equipment in a hard case and only charge you for the time the equipment is actually in your possession, so you’re not paying for wasted hours. Everything is tested and calibrated before it comes to you, so you can be assured or accuracy as well.

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