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FLUKE 1625

Fluke 1625 Ground Testing Unit

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Certain safety measures must be met at locations involving the generation, distribution and consumption of electrical energy to protect human life. In many cases, these safety measures are national and international regulations that must be checked regularly. Grounding, the connection of exposed conductive parts to the earth in case of a fault, represents the most fundamental safety measure. There are requirements for grounding transformers, high and medium-voltage power pylons, railway tracks, tanks, vats, foundations and lightning protection systems.

The effectiveness of grounding systems should be checked using ground test instruments such as the Fluke 1625, which checks the effectiveness of connections to the ground. The 1625 provides the perfect solution by combining the latest technology into a compact, field-rugged and extremely easy-to-use instrument. In addition to performing standard 3- and 4-pole ground resistance measurements, an innovative process accurately measures individual earth electrode resistances in single and meshed earthed systems without disconnecting any parallel electrodes. One specific application of this capability is quickly and accurately measuring power pylon grounds.

The 1625 also incorporates automatic frequency control (AFC) to minimise interference. Before measuring, the instrument identifies existing interference and selects a measurement frequency to minimise its effect. The 1625 incorporates microprocessor-controlled automatic measurements, including checking probe hookups to ensure measurements are taken correctly. It measures all probe ground resistances to provide reliable, repeatable results. Probe resistance and auxiliary earth resistance are also measured and displayed.

  • Measurement of interference voltage (UST)
  • Measurement of interference frequency (FST)
  • Measurement of probe resistance (RS)
  • Measurement of auxiliary earth electrode resistance (RH)
  • Measurement of earthing resistance 3-pole, 4-pole, (RE) with or without using the external clip-on current transformer for selective measurement of single earthing branches in mesh-operated earthing systems A
  • Resistance measurement 2-pole with AC voltage (R~) • Resistance measurement with DC voltage 2-pole, 4-pole, (RF)

Additional Accessories

The instrument is made up of two parts:

  1. The base part which contains the measuring electronics.
  2. The protective housing. The functions are selected with the central rotary switch.

Four rubber buttons, which start measurements, read out supplementary measuring values and select special functions, are located on the left-hand side of the front panel. This design enables quick and precise one-hand operation. The measured values are displayed on a liquid crystal display with the correct decimal point and unit. Various additional special characters indicate measuring mode, operating condition and error messages. The auxiliary power supply comprises 6 x 1.5 V batteries (IEC R6 or LR6 or type AA). This device has been developed, designed and manufactured in compliance with the quality system DIN ISO 9001.

Operation: Central rotary switch and function keys Working temperature range: -10 °C … +50 °C
Operating temperature range: 0 °C … +35 °C Nominal temperature range: 18 °C … +28
°C Storage temperature range: -30 °C … +60 °C
Battery life: with IEC LR6/type AA: typ. 3000
Measurements: (RE+RH ≤ 1 kΩ) with IEC LR6/type AA: typ. 6000
Measurements: (RE + RH >10 kΩ) Dimensions: 240 mm (W) x 220 mm (D) x 90 mm ( H )
Weight: ≤ 1.1 kg without accessories ≤ 5.5 kg incl. accessories and batteries in carrying case
Case material: NORYL, shock -and scratch-proof thermoplastic.

Key Features

  • Versatile earth ground testing with options for 3- and 4-pole fall-of-potential, 4-pole soil resistivity and selective or stakeless rod testing​​​​​​.
  • Stakeless testing capability for measuring earth ground loop resistances using only clamps, ideal for indoor use or where stakes can’t be used​​​​.
  • Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) minimises interference effects during testing for more accurate earth ground measurements​​​​​​.
  • R* measurement feature calculates earth ground impedance at 55 Hz to precisely reflect fault-to-earth ground resistance​​​​.
  • Outdoor-ready with an IP56 rating, accompanied by a rugged carrying case and heavy-duty stakes for tough soil conditions​​​​.
  • Integrated USB port for easy data storage and transfer, capable of storing up to 1500 records​​​​​​.
  • Adjustable limits streamline the testing process, enhancing overall testing efficiency​​​​.


  • Industrial facilities — Ideal for testing grounding in industrial environments, the Fluke 1625 ensures safety and compliance in areas with heavy machinery and electrical equipment. It verifies the effectiveness of grounding systems, crucial for protecting equipment and personnel from electrical faults, and meets rigorous safety standards in these settings.
  • Construction sites — On sites where temporary electrical systems are standard, the Fluke 1625 is essential for testing ground integrity. It ensures that temporary power supplies, generators and construction equipment are safely grounded to reduce the risk of electrical hazards in these dynamic and often-changing environments.
  • Utility companies — Utility companies can use the Fluke 1625 for maintaining and testing the grounding of electrical substations and distribution systems. This tester is vital for ensuring the safety and reliability of power grids, especially in troubleshooting and maintaining grounding systems in substations and along power lines.
  • Telecommunication towers — For telecommunication towers, where reliable grounding is critical for operational integrity and safety, the Fluke 1625 is invaluable. It tests grounding systems to prevent electrical interference and protect against lightning strikes, ensuring these crucial communication infrastructures’ consistent performance and safety.
  • Renewable energy installations — In renewable energy setups like solar farms and wind turbines, the Fluke 1625 tests and verifies the grounding systems. Proper grounding is vital for these installations to protect against electrical faults and lightning, ensuring the stability and safety of these increasingly essential energy sources.

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Rent from Brandis Hire today and experience the ease and efficiency of professional-grade ground testing for your projects. We stand out in the field of technical equipment rentals, offering a straightforward and customer-focused approach. With no lock-in hire periods, 4 hours of free technical support and convenient delivery and pickup options, Brandis Hire guarantees your rental experience is hassle-free​​​​​​.

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Why choose the Fluke 1625?

Choosing the Fluke 1625 for ground testing offers several advantages. Its versatility allows for various earth ground measurements, including 3- and 4-pole fall-of-potential and soil resistivity testing, making it suitable for diverse environments.

The device features Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) and R* measurements, ensuring accurate results even in challenging conditions. Its stakeless testing capability is particularly beneficial for testing where driving stakes are impractical. The Fluke 1625 is also designed for rugged outdoor use, featuring an IP56 rating, and includes a USB port for efficient data management.

What other earth testing equipment do you offer for hire?

At Brandis Hire, we offer an extensive range of earth testing equipment catering to diverse electrical safety and compliance needs. From advanced ground resistance testers to cable reels, our inventory is equipped to handle various earth testing requirements. Here are some of the other earth testing equipment available for hire:

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