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Battery operated 12 tonne hydraulic crimper compatible with 12 tonne standard dies. Wide range of dies available, please advise required size when placing your rental order.

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The Izumi REC-6431 is a battery-operated, 12-tonne hydraulic crimper compatible with 12-tonne standard dies. It is used for compression fittings to copper, aluminium and ACSR conductors, which are widely used in the electrical industry. There’s a wide range of dies available at Brandis Hire, so please advise the required size when placing your rental order.

Standard Accessories: Shoulder strap, Carrying case, 2 Batteries and Charger
Jaw Opening (Stroke Length): 31mm
Capacity: Max 300mm2 Aluminium or Copper Conductor
Battery Voltage: 14.4V DC
Hydraulic Reservoir: 135cc
Compression Force:106kN
Dimensions (L x W x H): 392mm x 70mm x 343mm
Weight (Tool with Battery): 5.8 kg

Key Features

  • Pinch Free Design
  • Rapid ram advance mechanism
  • 14.4 VDC powerful motor
  • Right or Left handed operation
  • 350-degree swivel head
  • The number of crimps per charge = 75 Approx.
  • 2 Batteries in Kit
  • Pistol-type tool allows working in confined spaces
  • The trigger switch and return button are activated by one hand, allowing the user to control the conductor and fit simultaneously.


  • Electrical installations — The Izumi REC-6431 Battery Crimper is ideal for electrical installations, providing efficient and secure crimping of connectors and terminals in various wiring and cabling projects. Its battery-powered operation ensures portability and ease of use in field conditions.
  • Utility work — Designed for utility professionals, this crimper offers reliable performance for maintenance and repair tasks on electrical grids and infrastructure. Its robust design can handle the demands of high-volume crimping tasks in challenging environments.
  • Renewable energy projects — In the growing field of renewable energy, precise and durable connections are vital. This crimper is suitable for constructing and maintaining solar panel arrays and wind turbines, where secure electrical connections are essential for long-term reliability.
  • Transportation infrastructure — The tool’s adaptability makes it suitable for working on electrical systems within transportation infrastructure, including railway networks and airport lighting systems. Its efficiency and portability facilitate quick repairs and installations.
  • Industrial applications — The Izumi REC-6431 Battery Crimper provides a dependable solution for industrial settings requiring frequent wiring and assembly. It is well-suited for manufacturing plants, processing facilities and other areas where electrical assembly is a regular task.

Rent the Izumi REC-6431 Battery Crimper from Brandis Hire today

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Why rent the Izumi REC-6431 Battery Crimper?

Hiring the Izumi REC-6431 Battery Crimper means opting for reliability and efficiency in electrical crimping tasks. Its design caters to precise, secure connections essential for high-quality electrical work.

The battery-powered feature enhances portability, allowing it to be used in various locations without constant power sources. This tool suits professionals seeking performance and convenience in their equipment.

What other electrical construction equipment do you offer for hire?

Brandis Hire offers a diverse range of electrical construction equipment to meet the needs of various projects. Here are some of the models available:

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