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AC Hipot test set providing continuously adjustable output voltages up to 50kV AC.

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The 0-50kV Hipot tester is a high-performance, portable testing solution for verifying the dielectric strength of electrical insulation. Designed for both field and lab use, it features precise voltage control up to 50kV, in-built metering for accurate readings and overload protection.

Safety is enhanced with zero start interlock and emergency off features. This tester is ideal for a variety of high voltage equipment, ensuring they meet stringent safety standards, making it a valuable tool for electrical maintenance and safety compliance.

Standard Accessories: transport case, mains cable, HV output cable, earth cable and operating manual
Power Supply: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output: 0-50 kV AC, 1 kVA resistive load 3 kVA, capacitive load Up to 60 mA current Output current is reduced at lower voltages
Voltmeter: Scaled 0-25/0-50 kV AC, ±2% F.S
Ammeter: Scaled 0-1 mA, ±2% F.S. with range multipliers of x1, x10, x100
Duty Cycle: 3 kVA: ½ hour ON, 2 hours OFF 2 kVA: 1 hour ON, 1 hour OFF 1 kVA: continuous
Dimensions (instrument): 534mm L x 286mm W x 387 mm H Weight: 34kg

Key Features

  • Continuously adjustable output voltage
  • Fixed overload, factory set to 120% of rated output current
  • Zero start and external interlock provision
  • Secondary connected dual-range voltmeter
  • Only single piece, shielded cable output AC hipot rated 50 kVac @ 3 kVA. Half the size and weight of others and easier to use.
  • Three-range current meter with isolated guard/ground return circuit
  • Capacitive load compensation
  • Shielded output cable
  • One-piece portable design
  • Automatic transit protected meters
  • Rugged case with cushion grips
  • Simple controls


  • Switchgear testing — The 0-50kV Hipot tester ensures switchgear operates safely under high voltage to prevent costly downtime. It’s a proactive tool for maintaining electrical infrastructure, offering thorough insulation checks vital for system integrity and operational safety in various industries.
  • Circuit breaker certification — This equipment is integral for certifying circuit breaker insulation, a non-negotiable for electrical system safety. It helps identify potential failure points, ensuring circuit breakers act reliably under fault conditions.
  • Recloser equipment checks — The reliable operation of reclosers is crucial for network resilience. The 0-50kV Hipot tester’s adjustable output is key for testing these components, ensuring they can withstand voltage fluctuations and maintain power system stability.
  • Motor and generator winding assessment — This high-potential tester can evaluate the insulation of motor and generator windings to prevent failure. It’s essential for predictive maintenance strategies that extend the lifespan of these critical components and ensure uninterrupted industrial operations.
  • Insulation testing for iso phase busbars — Iso phase busbars are critical in power transmission, and the 0-50kV Hipot tester can guarantee their insulation is robust enough to prevent breakdowns. This test is non-negotiable in power generation and distribution, where failure can lead to widespread outages and significant financial loss.
  • Vacuum bottle verification — The 0-50kV Hipot tester can confirm the integrity of vacuum bottles used in switchgear. It ensures these components can reliably insulate and interrupt high-voltage circuits.
  • Rubber glove testing — This hipot tester is key to certifying the insulating efficacy of rubber gloves, which are essential for electrical worker safety. By simulating operational electrical stresses, it ensures gloves meet stringent safety standards.

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If you’re looking for a trusted technical equipment rental company in Australia, your search ends here at Brandis Hire. Rent the 0-50kV Hipot now for your testing needs and secure unparalleled safety and reliability. You can do so by submitting a booking request online and then simply waiting for us to get in touch. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for more information.


Why choose 0-50kV Hipot?

The 0-50kV Hipot tester is designed for precision and safety, offering a range of voltages for comprehensive insulation testing. Its user-friendly interface and robust construction make it a reliable choice for field or laboratory use.

What other high-potential testers do you offer for hire?

Brandis Hire has several other high-potential testers available for hire. Among them are:

  • 0-100kV Hipot — This is an AC Hipot test set with adjustable output up to 100kV for AC withstand testing. It’s perfect for rigorous applications like switchgear, circuit breakers and insulation checks, providing precise control and safety features​​.
  • PHENIX 130kV AC Hipot — This tester offers a high-voltage testing capability of up to 130kV, suitable for aerial lift devices and elevated platforms. It meets ANSI and IEC standards and is equipped with advanced metering and safety features for reliable testing​​.
  • PHENIX 50kV PD-free Hipot — This portable, rugged AC high-voltage tester excels in partial discharge performance due to its superior design. It’s equipped with advanced digital metering and safety features, making it ideal for accurate and safe high-voltage testing requirements​​.

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