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PHENIX 130KV AC HIPOT 50m leakage

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The BK Series is an ideal testing kit for Aerial Lift Devices, Elevated Platforms, Double and Horseshoe Liners and complies with ANSI and IEC standards (A92.2 and IEC 61813). The BK Series can also be used for common dielectric and insulation testing requirements. 

The unit features a toroid on top of the cylinder for high-voltage output, along with a convenient 35kV side output tap for liner testing. Notable safety and design features include internal voltage dividers, controls in a removable enclosure, a ZERO start interlock and an adjustable overload circuit. The manual control of output voltage adds flexibility to its operation and a 20-foot interconnect cable enhances convenience.

Key Features

These are the key features of the PHENIX 130KV AC HIPOT:

INPUT: 110-120v 30a

Voltage/Current: ≈ 0-130 kV, 50 mA

Colour: (ASTM D-1500) Less than 0.5

Gravity: Degrees API 27.6

Flash: Degrees F COC 305

Fire: Degrees F COC 335

Pour: Degrees F -70

Viscosity: SUS at 32 Degrees F 297 at 110 Degrees F 58.4 at 210 Degrees F 33.8

Interfacial Tension: at 77 Degrees F, Dynes/Cm 45

Steam Emulsion No: (ASTM D-1935) 20

Combined Corrosive: Sulfur (ASTM D-1275) Non-corrosive

Total Sulfur: Percent 0.10

Inorganic Chlorides and Sulfates (ASTM D-878): None

Neutralization No: (ASTM D-974) 0.02

Operation: Central rotary switch on control box

Operating temperature range: 0 °C … +35 °C Nominal temperature range: 18 °C … +28 °C Storage temperature range: -30 °C … +60 °C

Measurements: 78W x 85L x 145H

Weight: 180kg


The PHENIX 130kV AC HIPOT is a versatile tool with applications across various electrical testing scenarios. 

  • Aerial lift platforms — Designed for dielectric testing on insulated boom lifts, the PHENIX 130KV AC HIPOT ensures the safety and reliability of aerial lift platforms. They also test the insulation integrity, which is fundamental to ensuring the safety of operators working at heights.
  • High-voltage dielectric testing — With a capacity of 130kV rms, the PHENIX 130KV AC HIPOT is suitable for a wide range of general high-voltage dielectric testing requirements. The PHENIX 130KV AC HIPOT also provides a reliable solution for assessing the dielectric strength of various electrical components and insulation systems.
  • Liner testing — Equipped with a 35kV side output tap, the PHENIX 130KV AC HIPOT is well-suited for liner testing to evaluate insulation linings effectively. Additionally, it has comprehensive testing capabilities, including liner assessments for diverse applications.
  • Compliance testing — The PHENIX 130KV AC HIPOT meets the latest ANSI and IEC standards, including A92.2 and IEC 61813, making it a key tool for those who want to comply with industry safety and performance benchmarks.
  • Fleet maintenance and testing — The PHENIX 130KV AC HIPOT variant is tailored for testing double and horseshoe liners, making it suitable for fleet maintenance where varied liner configurations are needed. 

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Choosing to hire PHENIX 130KV AC HIPOT is advantageous for short-term projects or periodic testing needs, as it eliminates the upfront investment and ongoing maintenance expenses associated with equipment ownership. This flexibility is particularly valuable for businesses and professionals who may not require the equipment on a continuous basis.

What other high potential testers and insulation testers do you offer for hire?

At Brandis Hire, we understand the diverse requirements of our customers. Alongside the PHENIX 130KV AC HIPOT, we offer a range of high potential testers and insulation testers for hire. Our high potential testers include:

For insulation testing applications, we provide equipment such as:

Our comprehensive selection ensures that our customers have access to the right tools for their specific testing needs — providing flexibility, efficiency and reliability in their projects.

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