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Reliable cable selection for energised and de-energised cables

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The Megger Cable Identifier system consists of the current impulse generator and the receiver CI RX. This receiver is connected by a 230 mm (135 mm options are also available) flex clamp for decoupling the identification signal. The Pulse generator CI TX generates single sawtooth pulses with a peak current of up to 100 A and transmits them into the cable being identified.

This current flow of these impulses causes an electromagnetic field with a defined polarity around the cable, which is received with the flex coupler of the receiver CI RX and automatically synchronised and displayed by the LED scale. The only possible adjustment is the adjustment of the display sensitivity. A unique software function controls and verifies all parameters of the received pulse.

The following are evaluated parameters:

  • Impulse shape
  • Polarity
  • Amplitude
  • Frequency (2s interval)

The directional clamp, combined with the receiver’s parameter monitoring, provides a safe selection regardless of any interference.

Pulse voltage: 55 VDC
Pulse current max: 100 A
Pulse sequence: 30/min
Pulse width: 72 ms
Power supply: 100 … 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 12 V rechargeable battery
Operating time: 4 hours on rechargeable battery
Charging time: 6 hours
Weight: 1.6 kg
Dimensions: 201 x 120 x 80 mm
Protection class: IP 54
Operating temperature: -10 ºC … +60 ºC

Key Features

  • Provides clear identification of de-energised cables to enhance safety during maintenance or installation​.
  • Effectively utilises a current impulse generator and receiver for precise cable identification​.
  • The system employs single sawtooth pulses with a peak current of up to 100 A for signal transmission​​.
  • Current impulse generator creates directional electromagnetic waves for reliable detection​​.
  • Offers a no-adjustment, false-positive-free operation for user convenience.
  • Comes with a standard combination kit suitable for both high and low-voltage cables​​.
  • Includes a flexible clip-on probe and touch sensors to accommodate various application needs​​, such as multi-core twisted conductor field sensing.


  • Identifying de-energised cables — The Megger Cable Identifier is pivotal for electricians and technicians in distinguishing de-energised cables from bundles. This capability is essential in environments with dense cabling, such as data centres or industrial plants.
  • Maintenance and repairs — For infrastructure maintenance, the device ensures that repairs are carried out on the correct lines, preventing accidental outages or damage. Its precise identification process is vital in complex systems like underground utilities, where misidentification can lead to costly errors and service interruptions.
  • Installation of new circuits — During the installation of new electrical circuits, the Megger Cable Identifier ensures that new connections are made to the correct existing cables. This application is particularly useful in large construction projects where numerous electrical systems are installed simultaneously.
  • Safety compliance — In ensuring workplace safety, the device plays a crucial role by helping to comply with health and safety regulations. Accurately identifying the correct cables minimises the risk of electric shock to workers — making it an essential tool in any risk management strategy.
  • Upgrading electrical systems — When upgrading electrical systems, especially in older buildings, the Megger Cable Identifier is indispensable in tracing and identifying legacy cables. This ensures upgrades integrate seamlessly with existing systems without causing disruptions or hazards.

Inquire about the Megger Cable Identifier for rent today

Brandis Hire, renowned for its comprehensive range of technical equipment and stellar customer service, offers the Megger Cable Identifier for your specific project needs. With an enduring focus on reliability and efficiency, we guarantee you get the job done right with the latest technology. Hire the Megger Cable Identifier today and move forward with confidence. Submit a booking request now or contact us for more details.


Why rent the Megger Cable Identifier?

Renting the Megger Cable Identifier from Brandis Hire is a smart choice for professionals who require precise cable identification without the large upfront cost of purchasing. This device is essential for the safe and accurate identification of both de-energised and live cables, which is crucial for avoiding costly and dangerous errors during electrical installations or maintenance. Its ease of use, reliability and portability make it an invaluable tool across various applications.

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