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Megger MFM 10 SEBA

MFM 10 Seba sheath cable fault locator

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mfm 10 seba
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The MFM 10-1’s intuitive menu-driven operation and automatic measurement and evaluation system enable cable sheaths to be tested with utmost efficiency. Sheath faults can be pre-located and pinpointed as quickly as possible. Operating this device is also a breeze, as data is entered using the proven Megger rotary encoder principle and it’s supported by a touchscreen functionality.

Functions: Testing, prelocation and pinpointing, burning, direct resistance measurement, voltage and current limiter, quick event/transient recognition

Display: 5.7’’ 320 x 240; LCD, LED backlight

User Interface: Rotary encoder & touch screen

Output voltage: 0 … 10 kV DC, bipolar 750 mA @ 0.4 kV,

Output current: 200 mA @ 0.4 … 1.5 kV 60 mA @ 5 kV, 30 mA@ 10 kV

Pinpointing: 0 … 10 kV DC pulsed

Pulse rates: 0.5:1; 1:2; 1.5:0.5; 1.5:3.5

Battery: NIMH, 340 Wh, for all operations

Dimensions: 500 x 457 x 305 mm

Key Features

  • Solid IP53 PELI trolley case – easy handling
  • Broad range input for all supply voltages
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Improved prelocation with voltage drop method
  • Highest accuracy by bi-polar measurement
  • Independent from the resistance of supplementary wires and test leads
  • High-speed and fully automatic measurement
  • Fault locating of high-resistive faults inside cables


  • Electrical system diagnostics — The Megger MFM 10 SEBA is essential for diagnosing electrical system faults. Its precise fault location capabilities enable quick identification of issues in complex electrical networks, ensuring minimal downtime and increased safety during maintenance.
  • Cable testing and commissioning — This device plays a crucial role in cable testing and commissioning. It accurately assesses cable integrity and functionality to guarantee reliable performance in power distribution systems. It’s an invaluable tool for ensuring new installations meet stringent quality and safety standards.
  • Preventative maintenance — Regular use of the Megger MFM 10 SEBA in preventive maintenance programs helps in the early detection of potential electrical faults. This proactive approach reduces the risk of catastrophic failures and extends the lifespan of electrical infrastructure, proving cost-effective over time.
  • Post-repair testing — After electrical repairs, the Megger MFM 10 SEBA can help professionals verify the effectiveness of the repairs. It ensures that the system operates within its intended parameters, providing peace of mind and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Educational and training purposes — This device is also ideal for educational settings. It provides hands-on experience in fault location and electrical testing, making it an invaluable resource for training future electricians and engineers in understanding and maintaining complex electrical systems.

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Why hire the Megger MFM 10 SEBA?

Hiring the Megger MFM 10 SEBA is a smart decision for professionals seeking precise and reliable electrical diagnostics. This advanced tool offers accurate fault location, essential for maintaining the safety and integrity of electrical systems.

Ideal for various applications, including cable testing, commissioning and preventative maintenance, the Megger MFM 10 SEBA ensures efficient and effective electrical troubleshooting. Its versatility and performance make it a top choice for industry experts.

What other cable fault locators do you offer for hire?

Discover a range of high-quality cable fault locators at Brandis Hire, each designed to meet different project requirements:

  • B2 Digi-Bridge — The Digi-Bridge is a fully automatic, high-accuracy instrument for testing cable insulation and jacket/sheath integrity. It excels in precise fault pre-location using bridge fault location techniques​​.
  • Megger EZ-Thump V2 — Compact, lightweight and either battery or AC-operated, the EZ-Thump V2 is a versatile fault location system for low and medium voltage cables, with dual-stage 1.5/3kV units​​.
  • Megger SFX32 — The SFX32 is a mobile cable test and fault location system for low and medium-voltage cables. It uses the powerful ARM method for locating high resistance faults up to 32 kV​​.
  • Megger Cable Identifier —This system includes a current impulse generator and receiver for safe cable identification, using electromagnetic fields to detect cable parameters like impulse shape, polarity and amplitude​​.

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Megger MFM 10 SEBA