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The Megger OTS80PB is an automatic oil test set that performs accurate breakdown and withstands voltage tests on mineral, ester and silicone insulating liquids. This model boasts shatter-proof test vessels that are easy to clean and provide repeatable results, whether they are used in the field or laboratory. They also have a transparent, shielded lid and a large test chamber, giving you easy access to the test vessel and allowing you to see what is happening within it.

Test results are identified either by a serial number or asset ID and are time and date-stamped. The units come with PowerDB Lite, Megger’s asset and data management software, at no extra cost, giving you an excellent tool for downloading and printing results. These units also have an internal printer, so you can have a hard copy of your results. The AF model also includes a barcode scanner.

These test sets have been designed with your safety in mind so that during a test, you can terminate at any time by pressing any keyboard button, which will remove the high voltage immediately and abort the test. The transparent lid provides ample visibility within the chamber yet is protected and electrically shielded by a screen with multiple links to the instrument ground.

All current test standards worldwide are pre-loaded in the instrument for convenient automatic operation. However, if a new or existing test standard is amended, three custom tests can be configured to the new requirements. This enables testing to continue to cover the short period while Megger updates the test procedure files. New updated files are then downloaded by the user and installed into the test instrument via a USB drive.

  • Latest IEC standards
  • IEC60156-2018 and IEC60156-2018 V for viscous oils
  • IEC60156-2018 Annex A and IEC60156-2018 Annex A (V) for viscous oils
  • Withstand tests
  • Lightweight – 23kg (Instrument only)
  • Up to 80kV output

Key Features

  • Performs accurate voltage tests on various insulating liquids automatically.
  • Features shatter-proof, easy-to-clean precision test vessels for repeatable results.
  • Equipped with a transparent, shielded lid for visibility and safety during testing.
  • Includes PowerDB Lite software for efficient data management and result printing.
  • Comes with an integrated internal printer for immediate hard copy output.
  • Offers USB connectivity for easy transfer of test data.
  • Supports customisable test standards to adhere to global changes.
  • Designed with safety features for immediate test termination.
  • Provides a wide voltage testing range from -40 to 0 to 40 kV.
  • Delivers high resolution and accuracy with a voltage resolution of 0.1 kV and accuracy of ±1% ±2 digits.
  • Operates effectively in temperatures ranging from 0 °C to +50 °C.


  • Electrical equipment maintenance — Ideal for routine maintenance of electrical equipment, the Megger OTS80PB ensures the integrity and safety of insulating oils in transformers, capacitors and switches. Regular testing can detect contaminants or degradation in oil, preventing potential failures and extending equipment lifespan.
  • Quality control in manufacturing — In manufacturing, particularly for electrical components, this device is crucial for quality control. It tests the insulating properties of oils used in electrical manufacturing, ensuring products meet industry standards and specifications before they reach the market.
  • Laboratory analysis — The device is extensively used in laboratories for research and development purposes. Its precision and accuracy are vital for analysing the breakdown voltage of different insulating liquids, contributing to the development of more efficient and safer electrical insulation materials.
  • Field testing — Due to its portability and ease of use, the Megger OTS80PB is highly suitable for field-testing. Engineers and technicians can conduct on-site tests on electrical installations, especially in remote locations, ensuring compliance with safety standards and reducing downtime.
  • Educational and training institutions — In academic settings, this device is a practical tool for teaching students about the properties of insulating liquids and electrical safety. It provides hands-on experience in testing and understanding the importance of maintaining the quality of insulating oils in electrical applications.

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Hire the Megger OTS80PB today for reliable and accurate electrical testing. Submit your booking request now or contact us for more information.


Why choose the Megger OTS80PB?

The Megger OTS80PB stands out for its precision, versatility and safety features. It’s designed for accurate breakdown voltage testing of various insulating liquids, making it ideal for electrical equipment maintenance, quality control and field-testing.

The device includes shatter-proof test vessels, PowerDB Lite software for data management and an internal printer for immediate results. Its safety features allow for immediate test termination, and it supports customisable test standards. With a wide voltage testing range and high resolution and accuracy, it’s a reliable choice for diverse applications.

What other oil testers do you offer for hire?

At Brandis Hire, we aim to supply the right equipment for each unique need. Besides the Megger OTS80PB, you can also check out the Megger OTS60PB or the HJT Series Fully Automatic Transformer Oil Tester.


Test voltage -40 to 0 to 40 kV @ 61.8 Hz

Voltage resolution 0.1 kV

Voltage accuracy ±1% ±2 digits


400 ml (standard)

Temperature sensor resolution  1 ºC

Power supply Line voltage/power             230 VAC, 300 VA

Protection Safety interlock on test chamber

Discharge barrier on polycarbonate test chamber cover

Display 320 x 240 QVGA colour display with backlight

Operating temperature 0 ºC to +50 ºC


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