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A revolution in automated testing of Current Transformers. Automatically determines all relevant current transformer values and compares the results with the selected standard.

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Introducing the Omicron CT Analyser

The Omicron CT Analyser automatically determines all relevant current transformer values and compares the results with the selected standard. The device evaluates the current transformer as per the IEC or IEEE standard within seconds with the push of a button.

It facilitates fast and economical on-site testing and calibration of metering and protection current transformers. Manufacturers of current transformers, high voltage transformers and switchgear also use the Omicron CT Analyser for tests during development and production. Hire the Omicron CT Analyser for your next project!


How the Omicron CT Analyser works

The CT Analyser from Omicron is your go-to solution for all your Current Transformer (CT) testing needs. Let’s break down how this impressive tool works:

  1. It starts by gently introducing minimal test signals into the secondary side of the CT. It’s a delicate process, and the Omicron CT Analyser handles it with the utmost precision.
  2. Next, it gets to work on figuring out the CT’s equivalent circuit parameters. It’s like the Analyser is having a friendly chat with the CT, understanding its characteristics and behaviours.
  3. The Omicron CT Analyser identifies all the relevant performance parameters of the CT. Think of it as getting a complete health check-up for your CT.
  4. But it doesn’t keep these details to itself. The Analyser then displays all these crucial parameters, including how accurate the CT is at different currents and burdens. You’ll know exactly what’s going on under the hood of your CT.
  5. The Analyser also takes the time to evaluate the CT based on the selected standard. It’s like a helpful professor, ensuring your CT meets all the necessary standards.
  6. Sometimes, there are unknown parameters on the CT’s nameplate. Not to worry, though; our trusty Omicron CT Analyser is ready to figure these out.
  7. And after all this hard work, the Analyser helps the CT relax by demagnetizing it after the test. It’s a gentle cooldown for your CT, ensuring it’s ready for subsequent use.

If you’re in Australia and keen to see this tech in action, don’t forget that our Omicron CT Analyser hire is just a call away. Experience the sophistication of this device first-hand, no matter where you are in the country.


Key features:

  • Highest measurement accuracy: 0.02 % / 1 min when calibrating on site
  • Very small and lightweight (< 8 kg / 17.4 lbs), easy to transport for on-site testing
  • Automatic evaluation according to IEC and IEEE standards
  • Short commissioning times (duration of the automatic test < 1min)
  • Excellent workplace safety – Tests run at max. 120 V
  • Integration into testing routines using Remote Interface Control


The following values can be determined using the Omicron CT Analyzer:

  • Accuracy of the ratio and phase angle, taking into consideration the nominal burden and connected burden
  • CT excitation and saturation
  • Burden impedance
  • Winding resistance
  • Saturated and non-saturated inductance
  • CT polarity

Standard Accessories: Refer accessories list in CT Analyser manual

Power Supply: 100-240VAC, 6A

Voltage/Current Output: AC: 40Vrms / 5Arms max. DC: 120V / 15A max.

Output power: 400VA rms max.

Voltage measurement ranges: Please refer to detailed specifications in the CT Analyser manual

Winding resistance measurement accuracy: 1mΩ resolution, 0.05% typical

Ratio and Phase measurement accuracy: Please refer detailed specifications in user manual

User Interfaces: USB, RS232, Compact Flash Card, Front Panel

Dimensions (L x W x H) (Instrument Only): 360 x 285 x 145mm

Weight (Instrument only): 8 kg

Operating Temperature/Humidity Range: -10 to 50°C and 5 to 95%RH (no condensation)


Trust Brandis Hire for your Omicron CT Analyser in Australia

As a premier rental solutions provider for Omicron test equipment, we offer hires for Omicron CT Analyser and so much more. At Brandis Hire, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and a vast array of equipment rentals Australia-wide. Our extensive stock includes electrical test equipment as well as instrumentation and general industrial test equipment.

Whether you’re looking for electrical test equipment hire, substation testers, calibrators or adaptors, we’re well-equipped to meet your needs. If you’re interested in learning more about the CT Analyser from Omicron or other equipment we offer, please feel free to browse our website or reach out to our friendly team with any questions.

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