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CT SB2 add on for the Omicron CT analyser

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The Omicron CT SB2 is an add-on for the Omicron CT Analyser. The CT SB2 enables the user to have the option to place an additional six leads to the CT to reduce interchanging test leads so frequently.

The CT SB2 switch box is an accessory for the CT Analyser, which allows automatic testing of multi-ratio current transformers. It is connected to all taps of the current transformer and to the CT Analyser. This allows the transformer ratios of all winding combinations to be automatically tested with the CT Analyser. The CT SB2 can either be positioned next to the CT Analyser or directly attached. With a combined weight of 11 kg, this testing system is easily portable and ideally suited to mobile, on-site use.

Operation: Front of Omicron CT Analyser or CT Suite software
Operating temperature range: 0 °C … +35 °C Nominal temperature range: 18 °C … +28
°C Storage temperature range: -30 °C … +60 °C
Weight: 13kg without accessories

Key Features

  • Automates your testing of multi-tap CTs
  • No need for rewiring
  • Measures CTs with up to six taps in one test run
  • Determines all of the transformer ratios of all winding combinations automatically
  • Separate connections for primary resistance the secondary burden measurement
  • Automatically verifies the cabling before measuring
  • Use it separately from or attached to the Omicron CT Analyser


  • Power system testing — The Omicron CT SB2 is crucial in testing multi-ratio current transformers within power systems. It ensures accurate measurement and verification of transformer ratios, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of power distribution networks.
  • Industrial maintenance — Ideal for routine industrial maintenance, the CT SB2 allows for rapid and reliable testing of current transformers. This capability is essential for maintaining uninterrupted operations for industries reliant on a stable power supply.
  • Electrical engineering education — Used in educational settings, the Omicron CT SB2 provides hands-on experience for students in electrical engineering. It demonstrates the principles of current transformer testing, offering practical insights into real-world electrical system operations.
  • Quality control in manufacturing — In manufacturing, where precision is key, the CT SB2 is vital in quality control. It tests current transformers used in manufacturing equipment, ensuring they meet stringent industry standards for safety and performance.
  • On-site electrical diagnostics — With its portability and ease of use, the CT SB2 is invaluable for on-site electrical diagnostics in various settings. It aids technicians in quickly identifying and addressing issues with current transformers, reducing downtime and improving system resilience.

Hire the Omicron CT SB2 today

Experience the ease and convenience of equipment rental with Brandis Hire, your one-stop shop for industry-grade test equipment. Our commitment to top-quality testing tools from leading manufacturers, coupled with exceptional customer service, makes us the ideal choice for professionals across Australia. 

With no charges for shipping time and a vast selection ready for dispatch, we make sure you have the tools you need to excel. Submit your booking request for the Omicron CT SB2 now, or contact us for more information.


Why choose the Omicron CT SB2?

The Omicron CT SB2 is a top choice for professionals due to its ability to automate the testing of multi-tap current transformers, ensuring accurate and efficient analysis. This device simplifies the testing process by allowing all transformer ratios of winding combinations to be tested automatically.

It’s highly portable and ideal for on-site use, and its user-friendly design reduces the need for frequent interchanging of test leads. The CT SB2 enhances testing precision and operational efficiency, making it a valuable tool in various industries.

What other CT test equipment do you offer for hire?

Brandis Hire offers a wide range of current transformer testing equipment to meet diverse industry needs. Whether you’re looking for basic testing capabilities or advanced features, we have the right tool for your project.

Can I get technical support for the Omicron CT SB2 during my hire period?

At Brandis Hire, we provide comprehensive technical support for all our equipment, including the Omicron CT SB2. Our team can assist you with any queries or troubleshooting during your hire period, so you can use the equipment effectively and get the most out of your rental. This support is part of our commitment to delivering the highest levels of customer service and ensuring your project’s success.

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