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Omicron Switch box

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Fully automated 3-phase transformer testing measurements of ratio, winding resistance and the tap changer became a reality with the CP SB1. As an accessory to the CPC 100, testing of power transformers over all taps and phases is fully automated. Time-consuming rewiring in between measurements can be avoided.

The CP SB1 is an accessory for the CPC 100 and simplifies measurement of three-phase power transformers.

The switchbox CP SB1 reduces wiring work at power transformers. Thereby, the time needed for testing can be reduced and, at the same time, safety can be significantly increased.

The transformer ratio and winding resistance are automatically measured in all three phases (in sequence) in all tap changer positions. The measurement results are recorded by the CPC 100 and can be analysed with the accompanying software package.

Operation: Front of CPC 100 or PTM software

Operating temperature range: 0 °C … +35 °C Nominal temperature range: 18 °C … +28 °C Storage temperature range: -30 °C … +60 °C

Measurements: Dimensions: 240 mm (W) x 220 mm (D) x 90 mm ( H )

Weight: 25 kg with accessories


Key Features

  • Multiplexes the CPC 100 outputs to all phases of a power transformer and vice versa
  • Quickly discharges the transformer between measurements
  • Operates the tap changer, so measurements can be performed without the need for user interaction CPC 100 plus CP SB1


  • Saves time by comfortably abolishing the need for rewiring
  • Increases safety by reducing the risk of accidents
  • Minimises the likelihood of measurement errors — performs the ratio and winding resistance tests automatically


The OMICRON SB1 is best used for these applications: 

  • Three-phase transformer testing — The OMICRON SB1 is your solution for fully automated 3-phase transformer testing. It streamlines the measurement of transformer ratio, winding resistance and tap changer positions. With this accessory, testing becomes a seamless process, eliminating the need for time-consuming rewiring between measurements. This efficiency ensures that testing is completed swiftly, optimising your operational timelines.
  • Enhanced safety measures — Safety is a top priority with the OMICRON SB1. By reducing wiring work at power transformers to a one-time cable connection, the risk of accidents is significantly minimised. The automated testing process adds an extra layer of safety by performing measurements without the need for user interaction. This ensures a secure working environment for your testing procedures.
  • Versatility in testing scenarios — Whether you’re conducting offline testing on power transformers, assessing their condition post-transportation, evaluating responses to short-circuit events or overseeing significant changes in monitored values, the OMICRON SB1 delivers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. It adapts to various scenarios, offering a reliable solution for a range of testing needs.
  • User-friendly operation — Operate the OMICRON SB1 effortlessly from the front of the CPC 100 or through the PTM software. Its multiplexed outputs efficiently connect to all phases of a power transformer, and the tap changer operation ensures measurements are performed without user intervention. This user-friendly interface ultimately enhances the overall testing experience.

Brandis Hire can help!

At Brandis Hire, trust is the foundation of our commitment to delivering unparalleled testing solutions. Our extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart. When you choose Brandis Hire, you’re selecting a partner known for reliability, efficiency and top-tier equipment. We offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge tools, including options to hire OMICRON SB1, ensuring you have access to the latest technology without having to buy expensive equipment for your projects.

Our team’s expertise guarantees seamless experiences, from efficient testing procedures to personalised support. If you have any questions about our services and products for hire, be sure to contact us. Let us elevate your projects with the assurance that comes from partnering with industry leaders.

We’re here to help make hiring technical equipment easy!

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Why hire OMICRON SB1?

Opting to hire the OMICRON SB1 from Brandis Hire presents a strategic advantage over purchasing. By choosing our rental services, you access the latest transformer testing technology without the upfront costs and long-term commitments of ownership. This flexible solution allows you to adapt to project-specific needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency. 

Brandis Hire not only provides top-tier equipment like the OMICRON SB1 but also offers a seamless rental process, competitive rates and expert support, making it the preferred choice for enhancing your testing capabilities.

How to use the OMICRON SB1?

Using the OMICRON SB1 is a straightforward process designed for user convenience. Connect it to the CPC 100 and let its automated features streamline your three-phase power transformer testing. Operate it effortlessly from the front of the CPC 100 or through the PTM software. The OMICRON SB1’s user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience, minimising the need for constant user intervention. Save time and enhance safety with this innovative testing solution.

What other primary injection testing equipment do you offer for hire?

Brandis Hire goes beyond the OMICRON SB1, offering a comprehensive suite of primary injection testing equipment. Explore our inventory, including:

Each tool is meticulously maintained to deliver reliable performance, providing a diverse range of solutions for your primary injection testing requirements. 

Put your trust in Brandis Hire for cost-effective, efficient and cutting-edge equipment.

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