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Schneider full function test kit for circuit breakers

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The Schneider 33595 FFTK is an advanced full-function test kit designed to comprehensively test circuit breakers and trip units. Its signal-injection box can operate independently or with a supporting PC, offering flexibility in various testing scenarios. 

The kit is compatible with multiple Micrologic, NT, STR and Masterpact trip units, making it suitable for diverse electrical systems. It facilitates critical tests, including mechanical operation checks of circuit breakers, verification of electrical continuity between tripping coils and trip units and operational testing of trip units. 

Additionally, the kit supports automatic and manual tests on protection functions, including trip curve verification and Zone-Selective Interlocking (ZSI) function tests. It can also inhibit ground-fault protection and thermal imaging, with the added advantage of saving test data directly into the kit for future reference.

Nominal Operating Voltage: 115–230 Vac
Operating Voltage Range: 102–144 Vac 207–253 Vac
Operating Frequency: 50 Hz 60 Hz Operating
Operating Temperature: -20–50 °C
Storage Temperature: -20–60 °C
Installation Category (Overvoltage Category): Category II
Maximum Power Rating: 100 W

Configure Circuit Breaker Parameters

Parameters selected on the Configure Circuit Breaker Parameters screen determine the type and magnitude of the fault to be injected into the circuit breaker during the secondary injection test. Values must be selected for all parameters on the Configure Circuit Breaker Parameters screen before advancing to the next screen.

  • TRIP UNIT FAMILY: select trip unit family
  • TRIP UNIT TYPE: select the trip unit type
  • STANDARD: choose the electrical standard for the circuit breaker (UL, IEC, ANSI or CCEE)
  • BREAKER FAMILY: select circuit breaker family (Compact, Masterpact or PowerPact)
  • BREAKER TYPE: select type of circuit breaker (NS, NSJ, ET, NT, NW, M, P or R)

Secondary Injection Testing:

  • Parameter values displayed in reverse video either have only one available option that cannot be altered or are automatically determined by means of communication between the Full-Function Test Kit and a communicating trip unit. For all trip units, the Full-Function Test Kit identifies trip unit family/type by connecting a two-pin or seven-pin test cable. For communicating Micrologic trip units (see Table 2), the Full-Function Test Kit identifies the sensor plug value and all available pickup and delay settings for LSIG protection for the device being tested. In addition to reading these values, the Full-Function Test Kit can read BREAKER FAMILY, BREAKER TYPE, INTERRUPT RATING and STANDARD for Micrologic P and H trip units if these trip units have been properly configured.
  • Verify the values for the device parameters are correct before continuing with the test. The Full-Function Test Kit records values entered from previous secondary injection tests performed.
  • For Micrologic trip units, the circuit breaker will be ZSI self-restrained for both equipment ground fault and short-time protection during secondary injection testing.
  • The contact wear counter on Micrologic P and H trip units will not increment during secondary injection testing.
  • All advanced protections, logging of trips, logging of alarms and activation of alarms are disabled during secondary injection testing for Micrologic P and H trip units. Refer to the trip unit instruction bulletin for more information on these functions.
  • The Full-Function Test Kit cannot disable thermal imaging on non-communicating trip units (see Table 2). Therefore, a fifteen-minute delay must be observed from the last long-time trip test performed until the next long-time trip test performed.
  • The SDE counter, located in the circuit breaker communication module (BCM), will increment each time a circuit breaker opens due to a fault secondary injected by the Full-Function Test Kit. Refer to the trip unit instruction bulletin for more information regarding this condition.
  • The Full-Function Test Kit will only test residual equipment ground-fault protection. Systems using modified differential ground fault (MDGF) and ground source return cannot be tested.
  • For Micrologic 7.0A, 7.0H and 7.0P trip units, the Full-Function Test Kit cannot test earth leakage pickup and delay (VIGI) protection. The Full-Function Test Kit will only test the LSI protection functions of the circuit breaker.
  • For Micrologic A trip units, performing a secondary injection test will reset to zero, the maximum recorded value on each phase. If necessary, record maximum values before testing.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Micrologic, NT, STR and Masterpact trip units.
  • Operable independently or with a supporting PC.
  • Enables mechanical and electrical operation checks of circuit breakers.
  • Provides automatic/manual tests for protection functions.
  • Facilitates trip curve verification for circuit breakers.
  • Tests Zone-Selective Interlocking (ZSI) functions.
  • Allows inhibition of ground-fault protection during tests.
  • Supports inhibition of thermal imaging in tests.
  • Features data storage capability for test results.
  • Software compatible with Windows 95, 98 and NT.


  • Electrical system maintenance — The FFTK accurately checks and verifies the mechanical operations and electrical continuity in circuit breakers, ensuring reliable and safe operation in industrial and commercial settings.
  • Quality control in manufacturing — This device is used extensively in manufacturing quality control, particularly in producing electrical panels and circuit breakers. It tests trip units for proper functionality, safeguarding against manufacturing defects and ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  • Educational and training institutions — The Schneider 33595 FFTK is a valuable tool in educational settings for teaching advanced electrical engineering concepts. Students and trainees can gain hands-on experience testing and diagnosing circuit breakers, enhancing their practical understanding of electrical safety and circuitry.
  • Field service and repair — This device is essential for field service engineers and technicians for on-site diagnostics and repairs. The FFTK’s portability and comprehensive testing capabilities make it an effective tool for troubleshooting and repairing complex electrical systems in various field environments.
  • Rent the Schneider 33595 FFTK today from Brandis Hire

Brandis Hire is your trusted partner for technical equipment rental in Australia. We are renowned in the industry for our quick and easy online ordering process, flexible hire options with no lock-in periods and exceptional customer service, which includes 4 hours of free technical support. Submit a booking request for the Schneider 33595 FFTK, or contact us for more information.


Why choose the Schneider 33595 FFTK?

The Schneider 33595 FFTK is a top choice for its comprehensive functionality and versatility in testing circuit breakers and trip units. It stands out for its compatibility with a wide range of trip units, including Micrologic, NT, ST and Masterpact. The kit’s ability to perform both mechanical operation checks and electrical continuity verification ensures thorough and reliable testing. 

Additionally, it offers advanced features like trip curve verification and Zone-Selective Interlocking (ZSI) function tests. Its flexibility to operate with or without a supporting PC, along with data storage capabilities, makes it an indispensable tool for electrical maintenance, quality control, educational purposes and field services.

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