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Schneider Electric – TRV00911

Schneider Electric USB interface for Use with Compact NSX circuit breaker and PowerPact Multistandard circuit breaker.

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The TRV00911 by Schneider Electric is a USB maintenance interface that caters to ComPacT new generation, ComPacT NSX new generation, PowerPact Multistandard, TeSys GV4 and more. Streamlining communication and maintenance tasks, it operates at a versatile voltage range of 110-220 V AC (50/60 Hz) and 24 V DC. As a spare part, it ensures seamless compatibility with various circuit breakers. 

Operation: Push button operation

Operating temperature range: 0 °C … +35 °C Nominal temperature range: 18 °C … +28 °C Storage temperature range: -30 °C … +60 °C

Battery life span: with IEC LR6/type AA: typ. 3000

Weight: ≤ 1.1 kg without accessories

Key Features

Here are the key features of the Schneider Electric – TRV00911

  • Versatile compatibility — The Schneider Electric – TRV00911 is designed for use with top-of-the-line circuit breakers such as the ComPacT new generation and TeSys GV4. 
  • Wide voltage range — It operates efficiently within a rated operational voltage of 110 to 220 V AC (50/60 Hz) and 24 V DC, ensuring adaptability to various electrical systems.
  • Green premium design — The Schneider Electric – TRV00911 complies with sustainability standards, being a Green Premium product with RoHS compliance, mercury-free components and exemption from China RoHS regulations.


The Schneider Electric – TRV00911 serves as a valuable solution across these diverse applications: 

  • System maintenance — Its primary application lies in streamlining and enhancing the maintenance processes of advanced systems like the PowerPact Multistandard and TeSys GV4.
  • Industrial environments With a focus on compatibility with industrial setups, the TRV00911 finds applications in various industrial contexts. Its robust design and functionality make it a reliable tool for ensuring the efficient operation of electrical systems.
  • Communication challenges — The TRV00911 acts as a bridge, resolving communication challenges in advanced systems. It ensures a reliable and efficient connection for maintenance tasks, reducing the likelihood of communication issues.
  • Maintenance streamlining — By offering automated measurement features, the TRV00911 contributes to the streamlining of maintenance processes. This helps in optimising the performance of electrical systems.

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Why hire Schneider Electric – TRV00911?

Choosing to hire the Schneider Electric – TRV00911 instead of buying is a practical decision for those with intermittent testing needs or brief projects. Hiring from a reputable company like Brandis Hire provides you with the benefits of cost-effectiveness and flexibility — allowing you to access high-quality equipment without the upfront investment.

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With well-maintained and reliable equipment, Brandis Hire ensures your testing requirements are met efficiently and affordably.

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Schneider Electric – TRV00911