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ANU-1 OCR Checker

Terasaki ANU-1 ocr checker

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The ANU-1 OCR checker is an indispensable tool for field-testing overcurrent relays (OCRs). This compact, portable device can verify the operational integrity of OCRs by simulating fault conditions. It tests various functionalities, including long and short time-delay, instantaneous trips, ground fault trips and pre-trip alarms. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick and precise adjustments of current settings, ensuring comprehensive relay testing. Ideal for utility and industrial applications, the ANU-1 enhances maintenance efficiency by accurately assessing the performance of protective relays — contributing to the overall safety and reliability of electrical systems.

Measurement output

  • Long time delay trip pickup current
  • Long time delay trip pickup time
  • Short time delay trip pickup current
  • Short time delay trip pickup time
  • Instantaneous trip pickup current
  • MCR trip pickup current
  • Ground fault trip pickup current
  • Ground fault trip pickup time
  • Instantaneous trip operation
  • N-phase protection trip pickup current
  • Pre-trip alarm pickup current *2
  • Operation: Via front of tester
  • Weight: 1kg

Key Features

  • Long and short time delay trip measurement capability
  • Instantaneous and ground fault trip measurement
  • Pre-trip alarm functionality
  • OCR measurement without requiring control power
  • Single connector for simplified OCR connection
  • Clear LCD display for function, output phase and trip signal indicators
  • Push-button switches for effortless operation


  • Utility substations — In utility substations, the ANU-1 OCR checker is vital for ensuring the proper functioning of overcurrent relays, which protect against faults and overloads in the power distribution network. Regular testing with the ANU-1 helps maintain system reliability and prevents power outages.
  • Industrial facilities —Industrial facilities rely on the ANU-1 for testing protective relays in their electrical systems. This ensures that machinery and processes are safeguarded against electrical faults, minimising downtime and maintaining operational efficiency.
  • Renewable energy plants — At renewable energy sites like solar or wind farms, the ANU-1 plays a crucial role in testing and maintaining overcurrent relays, which are critical for the stable integration of renewable energy into the power grid.
  • Electrical maintenance and repair services — The ANU-1 is a go-to tool for electrical maintenance professionals. It is used for on-site testing of overcurrent protection systems in various settings, ensuring these critical components function correctly and safely.

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Why choose the ANU-1 OCR checker?

The ANU-1 OCR checker is a top choice for its precision and versatility in testing overcurrent relays. Its ability to measure both long and short-term delay trips and instantaneous and ground fault trips, coupled with a pre-trip alarm feature, makes it a comprehensive tool for ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems. The simplicity of its single connector and clear LCD enhances user experience, providing efficient and accurate testing

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ANU-1 OCR Checker