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Cutler Hammer Digitrip NRX Functional Test Kit

The Functional Test Kit is a
handheld battery powered tester capable of testing trip
elements for Digitrip family of power circuit breaker trip

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The Cutler Hammer Digitrip NRX Functional Test Kit is an essential tool for testing trip elements in the Digitrip family of Magnum power circuit breaker trip units. This versatile, handheld, battery-powered device supports a wide range of models, including the Digitrip 520 series (520, 520i, 520V, 520M, 520Mi, 520MC and 520MCi) and the Digitrip 1150 family.

It can also test the moulded case Digitrip 310+ circuit breakers with additional overlays and test cables provided in the kit. This comprehensive package ensures reliable and efficient performance for critical power management applications.

An Auxiliary Power Module is included to provide trip unit power to illuminate the trip units having display LEDs. The moulded case Series G and FD circuit breakers can also be tested with the addition of the Series G and FD overlay and a different test cable assembly supplied in the kit. The type tests that can be done are trip unit Power Up, Long Time Trip, Instantaneous Trip, Short Delay Trip and Ground (Earth) Fault Trip. These test selections are chosen via the switch labelled “Select Test” on the Test Kit.

Key Features

  • Handheld, battery-powered tester for convenience and portability
  • Compatible with Digitrip 520 series models
  • Supports testing of Digitrip 1150 family, encompassing models like 1150, 1150i, 1150V and 1150Vi
  • Capable of testing moulded case Digitrip 310+ circuit breakers
  • Includes overlays and test cables for diverse testing capabilities
  • Auxiliary Power Module included for powering trip units with display LEDs
  • Suitable for testing Series G & FD circuit breakers with specific overlays and cable assembly.


  • Power plant maintenance — The test kit is indispensable in power plants for routine maintenance checks of circuit breakers. It ensures the reliable operation of Digitrip-equipped breakers, which is crucial for managing load and preventing outages. Regular testing with this kit helps identify potential faults before they lead to more significant issues.
  • Industrial safety compliance — In industrial settings, this test kit is key for complying with safety standards. It verifies the proper functioning of circuit breakers for electrical safety. Regular testing minimises the risk of electrical hazards, contributing to a safer work environment and adherence to industry regulations.
  • Electrical system troubleshooting — The test kit is essential for electricians and technicians to diagnose issues within electrical systems. It allows for quick identification of malfunctioning trip elements, aiding in timely repairs. This functionality is crucial in minimising downtime and ensuring the efficiency of electrical infrastructures.
  • Quality control in manufacturing — For manufacturers of electrical components, the test kit serves as a quality control tool. It validates the performance of circuit breakers during production, ensuring they meet specified standards.
  • Educational and training purposes — In educational institutions and training centres, the test kit is used for practical learning. It provides hands-on experience in testing and understanding the functionality of circuit breakers.

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Why hire the Cutler Hammer Digitrip NRX Functional Test Kit?

The Cutler Hammer Digitrip NRX Functional Test Kit is a practical choice for professionals needing reliable, comprehensive testing of circuit breakers. This kit is versatile, and its portability makes it ideal for various settings.

While you could purchase this invaluable equipment, hiring presents a cost-effective solution for temporary needs. Hiring ensures access to the latest, well-maintained equipment without the burden of maintenance or long-term storage. Additionally, it’s perfect for one-time projects or infrequent testing requirements, providing flexibility and convenience.

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Cutler Hammer Digitrip NRX Functional Test Kit