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ELSPEC G4500 Power Quality Meter

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Empowered by the patented PQZIP compression technology, the G4500 can store up to a thousand times more than typical file formats. The PQZIP allows this portable black box to continuously record & store all electrical waveforms, all the time, for extended periods and with no gaps in the data. Capture everything — trends, Volts/Amps/Hz, events, harmonics, THD, flicker, power & energy to get down to the root cause of all your power quality issues. The Elspec G4500 with GPS fully complies with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standards for aggregations, time clock uncertainty, flagging and transient influence quantities.

Key Features

  • No missed events
  • Quick & simple setup
  • Remote connectivity
  • Plug & play
  • Continuous recording of all electrical waveforms
  • Compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standards
  • The high sampling rate for voltage and current
  • Elspec sapphire software for advanced analysis


Waveform Sampling

Voltage Sampling Rate: 1024 Samples/Cycle

Current Sampling Rate: 256 Samples/Cycle

Voltage Harmonics: (Individual, Even, Odd, Total) Up to: 511Th

Current Harmonics (Individual, Even, Odd, Total) Up to: 127Th

Type of Analog to Digital Converter: 16/201 bit


Storage Capacity

Internal Memory: 32 GB/32TB2


Power Quality Analysis

Transient Detection, Microseconds (50Hz/60Hz): 19.5/16.3µs

Operation: With a supplied laptop and the Elspec sapphire software

Operating temperature range: 0 °C … +35 °C Nominal temperature range: 18 °C … +28 °C Storage temperature range: -30 °C … +60 °C

Battery life span: Lithium-ion batteries

Weight: ≤ 1.1 kg without accessories ≤ 5.5 kg incl. accessories and batteries in carrying case

Case material: NORYL, shock -and scratch-proof thermoplastic


  • Electrical network analysis — The Elspec G4500 with GPS is crucial for analysing electrical networks, providing detailed data on power quality, voltage stability and frequency fluctuations. This helps maintain the reliability and efficiency of power systems.
  • Industrial power monitoring — Ideal for monitoring power quality in industrial settings, the device detects fluctuations and disturbances that can affect machinery and production processes, ensuring operational stability.
  • Utility power quality management — Utilities use the Elspec G4500 to monitor and manage power quality, which is crucial for delivering stable and reliable electricity to consumers and complying with regulatory standards.
  • Renewable energy integration — Essential for integrating renewable energy sources into the grid, the device helps analyse the impact of variable power sources like solar and wind on overall grid stability and power quality.

Rent the Elspec G4500 with GPS from Brandis Hire today

When it comes to renting advanced power quality analysing solutions, there’s no other place to trust than Brandis Hire. Streamline your booking through our easy-to-use online system and enjoy flexible options tailored to your project needs. To hire the Elspec G4500 with GPS, submit a booking request or contact us for more details.


Why choose the Elspec G4500 with GPS?

The Elspec G4500 with GPS is a leading choice for those needing detailed and accurate power quality analysis. Its patented PQZIP technology allows extensive data storage, surpassing typical power quality analysers. It continuously records all electrical waveforms, ensuring no critical data is missed. The device’s ability for root cause analysis, combined with features like remote connectivity and plug-and-play operation, makes it an invaluable tool for various applications — from industrial power monitoring to utility power quality management.

What other power quality analysers do you offer for hire?

At Brandis Hire, we carry the most expansive selection of power quality analysers from top manufacturers. Some of the most notable models and accessories in our range are:

  • Hioki PW3198 — This device accurately identifies power supply anomalies and assesses issues like voltage drops and harmonics, with high precision and gapless recording compliant with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard​​.
  • Fluke 435 — This model lets you monitor and monetise energy waste from poor power quality. It’s ideal for power quality characterisation, load studies and capturing voltage events with automatic trending and energy loss calculation​​.
  • Fluke 1736 — Compact and user-friendly, the 1736 is perfect for energy and power quality surveys, featuring a built-in touchscreen, USB flash drive support and software for quick report generation​​.
  • Fluke 1738 — This device offers advanced energy logging, easy configuration and professional report generation capabilities, with a colour LCD and tamper protection, ideal for versatile three-phase power logging.
  • Fluke 1748 Three-Phase Power Quality Logger — This device provides real-time access to critical power quality and energy data. It’s compact, rugged and designed for flexibility in troubleshooting and analysing power distribution systems.
  • Hioki 3169-21 — This portable meter is ideal for measuring single to three-phase lines with high precision and accuracy. It can gauge demand and harmonics, crucial for energy management and basic electrical parameters. The 3169 can perform simultaneous measurement for up to four systems and supports a variety of measurement lines and circuits.
  • Fluke i5s current clamp — This accessory expands the capabilities of the Fluke 430 series power quality tool or ScopeMeter test tool. It’s a low-level current clamp, measuring up to 5 A AC, designed for low-level accuracy.
  • Fluke 80i-2010s AC & DC clamps — Suitable for measuring up to 2,000A AC and/or DC on large conductors, this clamp offers 0.8% accuracy. It provides a convenient way to measure current without disconnecting the load.

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