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FLUKE 435 Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality and Energy Analyzer ideal for characterizing power quality, conducting load studies and capturing hard-to-find voltage events over a period of time.

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Introducing the Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyser

The Fluke 435 Series II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer can analyze and monetize the cost of energy waste due to poor power quality. It is ideal for characterizing power quality, conducting load studies and capturing hard-to-find voltage events over a user-defined period of time. The ideal tool for advanced energy logging and energy monetization, identifying the most energy-wasteful areas of your facility.

Key Features of the Fluke 435:

  • Troubleshoot Real-Time: Analyze the trends using the cursors and zoom tools.
  • Automatic Trending: Every measurement is always automatically recorded, without any set-up.
  • Logger Function: Configure for any test condition with memory for up to 600 parameters at user defined intervals.
  • Measure All Three Phases and Neutral: With included four flexible current probes with enhanced thin flex design to fit into the tightest places.
  • Power Inverter Efficiency: Simultaneously measure AC output power and DC input power for power electronics systems using optional DC clamp.
  • Energy Loss Calculator: Classic active and reactive power measurements, unbalance and harmonic power, are quantified to pinpoint the fiscal costs of energy losses.
  • Highest Safety Rating in the Industry: 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated for use at the service entrance.
  • System-Monitor: Ten power quality parameters on one screen according to EN50160 power quality standard.
  • View Graphs and Generate Reports: With included analysis software.
  • Battery Life: Seven hours operating time per charge on Li-ion battery pack.


Fluke 435 Key Advantages and Specifications:

Powerful Measurement Capabilities:

Multiple parameters are measured simultaneously and displayed in formats that quickly describe the state of the power quality of the system. Data can be quickly accessed as simple digital values, trend graphs, waveforms, phasor diagrams or analyzed and organized into tabular format such as the event data where the magnitude, duration and time stamping enable rapid correlation to problems experienced.

AutoTrend – Quickly See the Trend:

Unique AutoTrend gives you fast insight into changes over time. Every displayed reading is automatically and continuously recorded without having to set up threshold levels or having to manually start the process. You can quickly view trends in voltage, current, frequency, power, harmonics or flicker on all three phases plus neutral.

The System-Monitor Overview Screen:

Instant insight into whether the voltage, harmonics, flicker, frequency and the number of dips and swells fall outside the set limits. A detailed list is given of all events falling outside the set limits.

Power Inverter Efficiency:

Solar generation systems usually include an inverter that takes the DC energy from the solar cells and converts it to useful AC power. Inverters can lose performance over time and need to be checked to determine the system efficiency. The 430 series II can measure the efficiency of such inverters by simultaneously measuring the DC and AC power of a system to determine how much power is lost in the conversion process.

Unified Power Measurement:

Previously, only experts could calculate how much energy was wasted due to power quality issues; utilities could calculate the cost, but the required measurement process was beyond the reach of average electricians. With this patented Unified Power function you can use one handheld tool to determine how much power is being wasted, and calculate exactly what the extra consumption costs.


Standard Accessories: Transport Case, Flexible Current Detectors x 4, Voltage Test Leads x 4, AC Power Adaptor

Voltage AC/DC: Max 1000V

Current Measurement AC/DC: i430-Flex 10x: 0.5 A to 6000 A

Hz: 42.50 Hz to 57.50 Hz

Watts (VA, VAR): Max 6000 MW with i430-flex

Power factor: 0 to 1

Harmonic Order (n): DC, 1st to 50th Harmonic

Phase Angle: 0 to 360

Flicker: Plt, Pst, Pst (1 min) Pinst: 0 to 20.00

Unbalance (V and A): 0 to 20%

Temperature/Humidity Range: 0 to 40°C and 90%RH or less (no condensation)

Dimensions (Instrument) : 50 L x 100 W x 203 H mm

Weight (Instrument Only): 610g


How to use the Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyser

The Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyser is your ticket to comprehensively understanding your power system’s performance. This intuitive tool is your go-to resource for diagnosing and analysing power quality issues, equipped to measure various parameters, including voltage, current, frequency, power and harmonics.

Getting to grips with how to use the Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyser is a breeze. Kickstart your journey by connecting the Fluke 435 to your power source. The versatility of the 435 shines here, as it readily attaches to various sources such as single-phase, three-phase and four-wire systems. Once connected, the diagnosis of power quality parameters can begin.

The Fluke 435 is all about choice, offering you a variety of measurement modes. The most frequently utilised is the real-time mode, which showcases the current value of the measured parameter in real time. But the power of the 435 doesn’t stop there. The trend recorder, another notable feature, tracks parameter changes over time, providing a comprehensive picture of your system’s performance.

Adding to its impressive functionality, the Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyser comes with a built-in report generator. This allows you to create detailed reports of the measured data, which can be easily shared with your team or stakeholders.

To make the most of your Fluke 435, consider these handy tips:

  • Prioritise safety, always adhere to the safety instructions that accompany the Fluke 435.
  • Ensure a proper connection, the Fluke 435 should be correctly linked to the power source before use.
  • Choose the correct measurement mode for the parameter you’re looking to measure.
  • Capitalise on the trend recorder’s ability to track parameter changes over time.
  • Use the report generator to consolidate your findings into easy-to-share reports.


Hire the Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyser today

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FLUKE 435 Power Quality Analyzer