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HVA 60

HVA 60 kV VLF Tester for HV Cable Testing – The most advanced HV test system with the highest output power of any unit available.

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HVA 60
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The most advanced HV test system available, with the highest output power of any unit available. Lightest, most compact instrument of its type available with control cabinet and HV generator all contained in one box. Offering variable frequency VLF output for testing of HV Cables and Switchgear, the operator can also select dual polarity DC and cable jacket or sheath testing output modes.

The applied test voltage, current, capacitance, resistance and time are displayed and recorded. Easily programmable allowing test sequences in either automatic or manual mode. Capable of testing approx 3000m of cable at 0.1Hz and 60kV peak. At 0.02Hz, approx. 15,000m of cable can be tested.

If cable burning (fault conditioning) mode is activated, the fault resistance can be conditioned to allow easier and less stressful fault location.


Available Modes: VLF (0.1Hz), DC (±), Cable Fault Conditioning (Burning), and Sheath/Jacket Testing Fully Automatic or manual cable test sequences Real-time Display of actual output waveform Easy to use, ergonomic, menu guided, large backlit user interface

Standard Accessories: Transport Case, Mains cable, HV output cable earth cable, RS232 cable Operating manual

Power Supply: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Output Voltage: Sinusoidal: 0 — 60kV peak DC: ±0 — 60kV Square wave: 0 — 60kV peak

Output Current: 0 —50mA. Resolution 1µA

Output Frequency: 0.02 – 0.1 Hz. In steps of 0.01 Hz

Output Modes: AC (VLF) Symmetrical and load independent over full range DC positive and negative polarity Burn / Fault condition or Fault trip mode Jacket / Sheath testing

Output Load: 1.0µF at 0.1Hz at 43kV rms (approx 3km of cable) 2.0µF at 0.05Hz at 43kV rms (approx 6km of cable) 5.0µF at 0.02Hz at 43kV rms (approx 15km of cable) 50µF at reduced voltage and/or frequency

Metering: Output voltage and current (true RMS and Peak) Capacitance, Resistance, Time, Flashover voltage

Dimensions: (instrument) 450 L x 350 W x 510 H mm

Weight: 59.8kg


Why customers choose the HVA60

When it comes to a VLF high voltage test set, the HVA60 emerges as an exceptional choice for cable testing. This intelligent, user-friendly high voltage tester is a perfect match between power and convenience that offers the following advantages:

  • Compact and portable — One of the defining features of the HVA60 is its compact design. It’s expertly designed to be easily transported and used in various locations, from in-field testing sites to industrial labs. Its high power-to-weight ratio is unparalleled in the industry, providing great performance in a conveniently small package.
  • Superior performance — The HVA60 testing device doesn’t just perform; it excels. With outstanding features considering its size and weight versus output load, the HVA60 is one of the best testing devices out there. Its operating time is also not thermally limited, meaning it can operate continuously.
  • Enhanced safety measures — The HVA60 is equipped with two independent earthing devices, electronic and mechanical discharging and an integrated 12 kV transient protection system. These features work together to provide multiple layers of protection to both the operator and the device during testing operations.
  • Connectivity and convenience — With the HVA60, there is no need for an external PC on site. All test results can be conveniently downloaded via USB, allowing easy data investigation and reporting.
  • Low maintenance and service — The HVA60 testing device stands apart with its robust HV connectors that allow quick cable exchange or an upgrade path for connecting diagnostics systems. Plus, its dry-type transformer design with no oil or arcing contacts reduces routine maintenance tasks — making this device almost maintenance-free.
  • Future-proof design — The HVA60 offers flexibility with its upgradability. It can be extended to a complete cable diagnostic system anytime, providing users with a comprehensive solution that adapts to evolving testing needs.


Hire the HVA60 today

Leverage all these features for your project with our HVA60 equipment hire today. With our comprehensive Australia-wide service, you can rent this electrical test equipment wherever you are across the country.

Hire the HVA60 and benefit from our exceptional service at Brandis Hire. We provide a vast selection of electrical, industrial and instrumentation test equipment, guaranteeing you have access to the most advanced tools in the industry. Contact us for more information.

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