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The HVA90 is the most advanced HV test system available. It is also the lightest, most compact instrument of its type on the market. The HVA90 has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any comparable unit available.

There is no need to carry two pieces of equipment around and then interconnect them! Apart from the variable frequency VLF output, the operator can also select dual-polarity DC and cable jacket or sheath testing output modes.

The HVA90 can test 1μF (Approx. 3300m / 11,000 ft of cable) at 0.1Hz and 64kV rms. The output frequency can also be reduced, allowing even larger capacitance loads to be tested. At 0.01Hz, approx. 33,000m / 100,000ft of cable can be tested.

Input Voltage: 210-265V 50Hz
Output Voltage: Sinusoidal: 0-90 kV peak, Symmetrical, 64kV rms DC: ± 0-90 kV Squarewave: 90kV Accuracy ± 1% Resolution 0,1kV
Output Current: 0-40mA (Resolution 1 μA) Accuracy ± 1%
Resistance Range: 0.1 MΩ ….5 GΩ
Output Frequency: 0.01….0.1Hz in steps of 0.01Hz (default 0.1Hz) – auto frequency selection
Output Load: 1.0μF @ 0.1Hz @ 64kV RMS (Approx 3,300m / 11,000ft of cable)* 1,2μF @ 0.1Hz @ 57kV RMS (Approx 3,600m / 12,000ft of cable)* 10μF @ 0.01 Hz @ 64kV RMS (Approx 33,000m / 100,000ft of cable)* 10μF Maximum Capacitance * Based on a typical cable: 100pF/ft or 300pF/m
Output Modes: AC (VLF) Symmetrical and load-independent across full range DC (plus or negative polarity) Burn / Fault Condition or Fault Trip Mode Jacket / Sheath Testing
Memory Minimum: 50 Test Records Stored in non-volatile built-in memory
Dimensions: (LXWXH) 650 x 445 x 610mm / 25,6”x17.5”x24”, also as 19″ version available
Weight: 127 kg / 280 lbs

Key Features

  • Tests MV and transmission cable networks up to 69kV
  • Capacity to test up to 10μF (100,000ft/30km)
  • The compact single-piece design weighs 280 lbs (127kg)
  • Fully automated test functionality
  • Real-time oscilloscope display for monitoring
  • RMS metering of current and voltage
  • Output frequency optimisation for adaptable testing
  • Measures insulation resistance and capacitance
  • Internal storage for test reports
  • The pure sinusoidal output voltage, load-independent
  • Sheath fault pinpointing with additional locator
  • Easily exchangeable high voltage test lead
  • Breakdown voltage and load detection capabilities
  • Programmable test sequences with a custom software tool


  • Testing medium voltage cable networks — The HVA90 is highly effective in testing medium voltage (MV) cables, including those used in electrical grid systems and industrial settings. Its high capacity testing up to 69kV ensures accurate diagnosis and maintenance of these crucial power transmission lines.
  • Assessing transmission cable networks — Ideal for transmission cable networks, the HVA90 can test long stretches up to 30 km, providing reliability in large-scale electrical distribution. Its ability to handle high-capacity cables makes it invaluable for maintaining the integrity of national grid systems.
  • Industrial electrical system maintenance — In industrial settings, the HVA90’s automated testing and real-time monitoring capabilities streamline the maintenance process of electrical systems. This provides operational safety and efficiency in environments where reliable power is critical to production.
  • Cable fault detection and diagnosis — Utilising its sheath fault pinpointing feature, the HVA90 is helpful in detecting and diagnosing faults in cable sheaths. This application is vital for preventing cable failures, which can lead to significant downtime and safety hazards in various sectors.
  • Customised cable testing in research and development — The HVA90’s programmable test sequences and software tools make it ideal for research and development purposes. It allows for tailored testing of cables in innovative electrical projects, aiding in developing new technologies and ensuring their safety and efficacy.

Rent the HVA90 from Brandis Hire today

Brandis Hire, a leader in technical equipment rentals, offers the HVA90 at competitive rates, ensuring you get top-quality equipment without the commitment of a long-term investment. Whether in a major city or regional area, we cater to your needs with no lock-in hire periods and the convenience of delivery and pickup options. If you have questions or need more information about our test and measurement equipment, our dedicated team is here to help. Submit your booking request today or contact us for more details.​


Why choose the HVA90?

The HVA90 stands out as an exceptionally versatile and powerful high-voltage test instrument, making it a prime choice for a wide range of industries. Its capability to test medium and transmission cable networks up to 69kV, including extensive lengths up to 30 km, provides unparalleled utility in large-scale electrical systems.

The HVA90’s single-piece, lightweight design enhances its portability, while its fully automated testing process and real-time oscilloscope display offer ease of use and accuracy in monitoring. This range of features makes the HVA90 a top-tier choice for professionals seeking a reliable, efficient and versatile high-voltage testing solution.

What other VLF test instruments do you offer for hire?

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