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PDTD60-2 Partial Discharge Diagnostics System


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The diagnostic system PDTD60-2 (in combination with a VLF generator1) enables comprehensive diagnosis with sinusoidal output voltage with constant frequency, which is a prerequisite for the comparison of PD and TD measurement results of cables with different lengths. Load-dependent and therefore constantly changing measurement frequencies offer no basis for this. The sine wave output voltage is the only described VLF voltage form in IEEE400.2-2013 for partial discharge and tan delta measurements and provides clear procedures and quality control procedures. The comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics software b2 Suite® makes the process easier and leads you through the diagnostics process. The database solution of b2 Suite® allows to process the data quickly and can be retrieved at any time.



  • Compact, light and portable devices;
  • Simultaneous Partial Discharge and Tan Delta measurement;
  • b2 Suite® – comprehensive diagnostic software and database;
  • Display of cable route on OpenStreetMap®;
  • Very simple and clear measurement process;
  • Manual and automatic diagnostic mode;
  • Exact PD localization (PD mapping);
  • Phase-resolved PD display (PD Pattern);
  • PD Magnitude;
  • PD inception and extinction voltage;
  • PD rate;
  • High noise suppression by filtering;
  • Very high accuracy for Tan Delta measurement;
  • Extensive reporting;
  • Test setup according to IEC 60270 and calibration;
  • Monitored Withstand Test (MWT) according IEEE400.2-2013;
  • PD and TD measurement unit in one device; and
  • PD and TD measurement unit in battery operation.



Article number: SH5031

Input supply voltage: 110/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Operating voltage:

  • sinusoidal 44 kV rms, 60 kV peak
  • frequency 0.01-0.1 Hz in steps of 0.01 Hz default: 0.1 Hz (auto frequency)

HV coupling capacitor:

  • capacitance ~ 1 nF
  • dimensions, weight L 330 x W 280 x H 730 mm, 20.7 kg

HV filter capacitance: ~ 1 nF dimensions, weight L 300 x W 280 x H 720 mm, 19.9 kg

Filter: analog & digital

Velocity range (v/2): 10-150 m/µs

Measuring range: 100 km

PD background level: < 10 pC

PD localization accuracy: 1% PD resolution 0.1 pC, 0.1 m

Sample rate: 200 MS/s

Bandwidth: 100 MHz, analog filter

Signal amplification: 0-52 dB (1 channel) , 0-72 dB (2 channel)

Environment: temperature: storage -20°C to + 65°C, operating -5°C to + 45°C



Output Voltage:

  • sinusoidal 44 kV rms, 60 kV peak
  • frequency 0.1 Hz, 0.01 to 0.1 Hz1

Measuring range: 0.1 x 10-3-999 x 10-3

Voltage measurement:

  • resolution 0.1 kV rms
  • accuracy 0.5 % of reading

Current measurement:

  • resolution 1 µA rms
  • accuracy 0.5 % of reading

Tan Delta measurement:

  • resolution 1 x 10-5
  • accuracy ± 1 x 10-4

Load range: standard 500 pF to 10 µF

Weight and dimensions: incorporated in the PD coupling capacitor

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PDTD60-2 Partial Discharge Diagnostics System