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Omicron Franeo 800 Sweep frequency response analyzer

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With OMICRON FRANEO 800 to perform sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA), you can detect defects as well as faults in the magnetic core, the winding assembly and the clamping structures of power transformers.

Measuring principle OMICRON FRANEO 800 injects a sinusoidal excitation voltage with a continuously increasing frequency into one end of the transformer winding and measures the signal returning from the other end. Due to a direct measurement in the frequency domain, no additional data processing is required. The comparison of input and output signals generates a unique frequency response, which can be compared with reference data. Thereby, deviations can indicate changes of internal components. These deviations can be directly related to different sections of the frequency range and they can be discerned from each other.

The SFRA measurement technique is the most sensitive diagnostic method for the detection of mechanical deformations. As the SFRA covers a wide frequency range, electrical defects and faults can also be indicated. Based on the SFRA results, you can reliably assess the integrity of your power transformer and, if required, derive further diagnostic measurement techniques, such as leakage reactance, exciting current or winding resistance measurements. These measurements can be performed with our multifunctional CPC 100 + CP TD12/15.

Operation: From PTM software.

Operating temperature range: 0 °C … +35 °C Nominal temperature range: 18 °C … +28 °C Storage temperature range: -30 °C … +60 °C

Measurements: (RE + RH >10 kΩ) Dimensions: 240 mm (W) x 220 mm (D) x 90 mm ( H )

Weight: 12kg

Key Features

  • Axial and radial winding deformation
  • Displacements between high- and low-voltage windings
  • Partial winding collapse
  • Shorted or open turns
  • Faulty grounding of core or screens
  • Core movement
  • Broken clamping structures
  • Problematic internal connections


Unlocking a new era in transformer reliability, the OMICRON FRANEO 800 is tailored for a range of crucial applications, making it an indispensable tool for power transformer diagnostics. The OMICRON FRANEO 800 shines best in these applications: 

  • Comprehensive fault detection — The OMICRON FRANEO 800 excels in detecting and analysing faults after transportation, short-circuit events or exposure to high fault currents. It meticulously assesses axial and radial winding deformations, winding collapses, shorted or open turns and faulty grounding. Its precise measurements empower you to proactively address issues before they escalate, reducing maintenance costs and preventing unexpected failures.
  • Post-event evaluation — This advanced device is particularly valuable after significant transformer events, offering insights into the transformer’s health. Whether it’s a short-circuit occurrence, transportation or a substantial change in monitored values, the OMICRON FRANEO 800 ensures a thorough evaluation, providing a clear understanding of the transformer’s condition.
  • Routine condition management — The OMICRON FRANEO 800 goes beyond troubleshooting by enabling routine transformer condition measurements. It ensures that your transformers are consistently operating at peak efficiency, contributing to long-term reliability and optimal performance.
  • Versatile testing scenarios — Ideal for a variety of scenarios, the OMICRON FRANEO 800 supports condition assessments post-transportation, after exposure to transient fault currents and during routine checks. It offers a holistic approach to transformer diagnostics, providing actionable insights for effective decision-making.

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Brandis Hire’s commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of your experience. With a focus on customer success and a diverse range of cutting-edge equipment, including options to hire OMICRON FRANEO 800, we ensure seamless operations for your projects.

Benefit from our 100% Australian ownership, exceptional customer service and a team dedicated to making your equipment hiring process easy, efficient and enjoyable. If you have any questions about the OMICRON FRANEO 800 or our process, feel free to reach out to us! We’re here to help make hiring technical equipment easy!

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Why is it better to hire OMICRON FRANEO 800 than to buy one?

Hiring the OMICRON FRANEO 800 instead of purchasing offers a range of advantages. For one, it provides access to cutting-edge transformer diagnostic capabilities without the upfront investment. This is particularly beneficial for projects with temporary testing needs or those requiring diverse equipment. What’s more, by opting to hire, you benefit from the latest technology without the burden of ownership costs, maintenance and depreciation.

Why would I need to hire OMICRON FRANEO 800?

If your project involves post-transportation assessments, short-circuit event evaluations or exposure to high transient fault currents, the FRANEO 800 becomes an invaluable diagnostic tool. Its precise measurements and wide-ranging applications ensure a thorough evaluation of your power transformers, contributing to reliability and minimising downtime.

What other primary injection testing equipment do you offer for hire?

In addition to the OMICRON FRANEO 800, Brandis Hire offers a diverse selection of top-tier equipment for your testing needs. This includes:

Each tool is meticulously maintained, guaranteeing optimal performance for your critical testing requirements.

Opt for the flexibility of equipment hire with Brandis Hire, providing you with access to advanced technologies like the OMICRON FRANEO 800 and a comprehensive suite of primary injection testing solutions. Benefit from precision and optimise your project’s efficiency and success.

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