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Merlin Gerin VAP6 test box for VIP300 relays

Portable Relay Tester

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The VAP6 is a portable unit that can be connected to the VIP 30/35 to carry out simplified testing. The test can be carried out in the following two cases:

  • The central unit is already supplied by the sensors or
  • The Main unit is not supplied. In this case, the VAP6 batteries supply power to the relay.

The test consists of:

  • Injecting a stimulus to simulate a phase fault
  • Injecting a stimulus to simulate an earth fault
  • Checking tripping

The VAP6 is supplied by batteries. Therefore, the parts of the main unit that run on AC current are not checked using this method (input and supply circuits).

Supply: 3 x 9v 6LR61 batteries

Weight: 0.45kg

Dimensions: 93 x 157 x 45 mm

Key Features

  • Portable relay tester
  • Compatible with a vast array of relay types including VIP30, VIP35, VIP300, VIP50, VIP37, VIP11, VIP11R, VIP12R, VIP13, VIP17, VIP200 and VIP201
  • Enables testing with the main unit supplied by sensors or using VAP6 batteries when the main unit is not supplied
  • Capable of simulating phase and earth faults for testing
  • Supplied with a 9-pin DB9 connector cable and an extra adapter cable for older relay ranges
  • Own power supply for independent operation
  • Handheld unit for easy handling and use


  • Electrical fault simulation — The VAP6 is designed to simulate electrical faults like phase and earth faults. This makes it an invaluable tool in testing the reliability and response of protection relays in electrical systems, ensuring their functionality in real-world fault conditions.
  • Construction and installation verification — During the construction or installation of new electrical systems, the VAP6 can verify the proper functioning of relays, ensuring they respond correctly to simulated faults before the system goes live.
  • Circuit breaker testing — The VAP6’s ability to perform trip tests without tripping the circuit breaker is crucial for maintaining and testing circuit breakers. This application is particularly important in ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical circuits in both commercial and industrial settings.
  • Utility infrastructure reliability — For utility companies, the VAP6 is used to test and maintain the reliability of electrical infrastructure, ensuring consistent power delivery and system integrity.
  • Educational and training purposes — In educational settings or training facilities, the VAP6 provides hands-on experience for students and trainees, demonstrating how relays respond to various fault conditions in a controlled environment.

Hire the Merlin Gerin VAP6 Test Box for VIP300 Relays today

At Brandis Hire, we pride ourselves on making test equipment rental effortless, affordable and convenient. As a leading Australian family-owned business, we offer an extensive range of technical gear ready to meet your professional needs. With our Merlin Gerin VAP6, experience the ease of testing electrical systems with a portable, versatile tool. 

Benefit from our 4-hour free technical support, flexible hire periods and hassle-free nationwide delivery. Submit a booking request now or contact us for more information.


Why choose the Merlin Gerin VAP6 Test Box for VIP300 Relays?

The Merlin Gerin VAP6 Test Box for VIP300 Relays is a top choice for professionals seeking a reliable, portable solution for testing VIP300 relays and a variety of other relay types. Its versatility is unmatched, capable of simulating both phase and earth faults effectively.

With its own power supply, it ensures testing can be conducted even in locations without an existing power source. The VAP6’s ease of use, combined with its handheld design, makes it an ideal tool for field-testing, ensuring accurate and efficient relay testing in diverse settings.

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Merlin Gerin VAP6 test box for VIP300 relays